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We all love our dogs as if they were our children. It only makes sense we want to spoil them with fun and functional gifts. This is a list of 10 of my favorite gift ideas for dogs, Krypto approves.

Bed Dog Gifts

We don't have any children in our home so Krypto is highly spoiled! It's fun and functional to buy certain things to make your life with a pet easier. Perhaps you have someone on your shopping list that has a dog and you don't want to them to feel left out. Hopefully, this list of items will help you find the perfect gift idea for dogs.

10 Best Dog Gifts.

best dog gifts

Treat a dog has these adorable and comfortable memory foam dog beds. Dogs need to lay and sleep in comfort just like we do. What I love is that the cover comes off and is machine washable. They also come in different sizes:

  • Rectangle Giant – 60 L x 35 W (150+ lbs/multiple dogs)
  • Rectangle X-Large – 50 L x 30 W (up to 150+ lbs)
  • Rectangle Large – 40 L x 25 W (up to 80+ lbs)
  • Curve Giant – 60 L x 35 W (150+ lbs/multiple dogs)
  • Curve X-Large – 50 L x 30 W (up to 150+ lbs)
  • Curve Large – 40 L x 25 W (up to 80+ lbs)

Each dog bed comes with:

  • 1 PupRug Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • 1 Memory Foam Cover
  • 1 Faux Fur Bed Cover

best dog gifts

The number one product most of us purchase when we get a dog is a leash. This makes sense because they are needed for the endless puppy walks. Happy & Polly makes this great retractable leash that can be attached to your wrist or to your belt loop. Krypto loves his walks but he thinks he's in control and tries to walk ahead of us.

best dog gifts

We all know how expensive dog food is. There are often recalls on the food as well. Did you know you can make your own dog food that is healthy for your dogs? This cookbook will help you with recipes that you can feed your beloved pooch. Making food for your dog doesn’t have to be complicated; it can cost less than buying prescription diets and medications to treat disease. The path to good health is good nutrition. Show your dog some love with a home cooked meal!

best dog gifts

If you have a yard and your dog spends time outdoors a dog house is needed. The great part about this dog house from Merry Pet is that it can be used indoors or outdoors. I wish we had the space to get one for Krypto. He loves to sit on the living room window sill and look outside.

best dog gifts

Who doesn't love snacks? I have a wicked sweet tooth so I love my snacks. These MIlk-Bone MaroSnacks are a favorite of Krypto's. I love that it's a bargain and the jar is airtight and can be used to store other items when empty.

best dog gifts

Automatic water and food feeders are amazing. It saves you time and bending every day to fill them. Only you know your pet. We have a water one for Krypto and he's constantly drinking from it. We don't trust him with a food one. He'd gorge himself and then get sick. He acts like he's never eaten before everytime he's fed.

best gifts for dogs

Just Posh has many personalized items you can choose from. One of my favorites is this personalized placemat we got for Krypto. It sits on our kitchen floor under his food and water dishes. The idea was to protect the floor from his water. He still gets water everywhere. My husband says all the time dogs are just kids with fur.

best dog gifts

KONG is out with a new chew toy, the KONG Goodie Ribbon. It should be available at your favorite retailer soon. Krypto is a big chewer and he loves this. You can put liquid treats in it too if you wish. The goodie ribbon is heavy! This is definitely a favorite of Krypto's.

best dog gifts

Having a good pair of nail clippers is important for the health of your dog. Their nails can get very long and painful. Krypto's nails grow at record length and tend to scratch us when he's jumping up on us in excitement. We've tried other nail clippers on the market and find these nail clippers from Happy & Polly work the best.

best dog gifts

Potty Patches are great when you are trying to house train a puppy. Krypto is 2 years old and is not housebroken. He should have been by the time we adopted him. Unfortunately, he was rehomed way too many times by the time we adopted him at 6 months old. I wish we had known about these Potty Patches

Hopefully, these products give you some ideas of what the perfect gift for a dog is. What are your favorite dog items?


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