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Do you love amusement parks? One of my favorite amusement parks is my local park, Kennywood. Kennywood is located in West Mifflin PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Kennywood amusement park

Kennywood is one of the oldest and most beloved amusement parks in America. Founded in 1898, Kennywood has thrilled and delighted both young and young-at-heart visitors for more than 110 years. From the early days of the carousel, through the development of the first roller coasters, to the technological advancements in today's steel looping coasters, Kennywood has always been the park that puts a smile on everyone's face. Designated a National Historic Landmark since 1987, you'll find “Lost Kennywood,” a replica of turn-of-the-century architecture that houses some of the park's most popular rides, as well as attractions that go from mild to wild throughout the park. Refuel at more than a dozen dining options offering tasty treats that can't be found at any other amusement park anywhere. Kennywood is a unique experience and remains one of “America's Finest Traditional Amusement Parks.” In fact, it's what memories are made of!

Kennywood is a yearly family tradition when you live in Pittsburgh.

If you live in Pittsburgh it is not unusual to go to Kennywood at least once a summer. Every year there is a new ride or a new attraction of some sort. My husband and I were excited to attend Kennywood for the day for this review.

My husband and I are in our 40's with some severe medical problems. This did not stop us from having a great day full of memories at the park. We couldn't ride as much as we could when we were kids, but there is so much to see and do.

There are 2 things that you must do when you visit Kennywood.

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1. Get your picture taken with Cowboy Joe. This statue has been on a bench near the entrance for years.

Kennywood Amusement Park

2. Get potato patch french fries!!! The potato patch is so popular there is usually a long line at the food stand. French fries and drinks are all they sell.

kennywood amusement park

Every year there are different shows you can watch that are included in the price of your admission.

One of those shows this is called Turn up the Heat. Here is a description of the show.

Kennywood is about to be hotter than ever as Frankie and Annette meet Fergie and Will. I. Am. in
this sizzling explosion of music! Classic summer hits are given a contemporary makeover as the old
sounds of summer mash together with current pop culture to create a totally new, unique sound.
You won’t want to miss this creative and totally hot celebration of summer! I took some pictures of the show.

kennywood amusement park

The show was super cute, full of upbeat songs that the adults knew, but the kids would dance to. The members of the show ended up going into the audience and grabbing people to come up and dance with them. It was a lot of fun to watch.

kennywood amusement park

A few years ago Kennywood built a 4-D theater. This year they are showing a 4-D Lego movie that is a must-see for any Lego fan. It's a super cute movie that has surprises that make you part of the show. I won't give away how this is done, you'll have to visit the park and see the movie for yourself.

If you are unable to ride amusement park rides anymore, don't let that stop you from visiting Kennywood. We had a blast even though we only rode a handful of rides. If you are visiting Pittsburgh this summer, Kennywood is a must do attraction!

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