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after the fall

Title: After the Fall

Author: Judy Serrano

Genre: Drama/Romance

Series; Easter Lilly Book 7

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: October 1, 2018

Pages: 236

Buy Links: Amazon / Barnes & Noble 

After the Fall Summary:

After The Fall In the final book of the series, the fall of the Montiago syndicate may be inevitable. With tensions growing between Tavy and Junior, the search for Tabatha is on. As time passes, Tavy finds himself needing control, and the balance of power begins to shift. In the meantime, Lilly is missing, and the family is in disarray. Fortunately for Lilly, a person from her past unexpectedly appears to keep her safe until she is found. As the series comes to a close, Lilly has an important decision to make. Who will she choose? Does the Montiago syndicate remain standing, or are they all forced to learn to live without the Mafia? Read on and see how Lilly’s life unfolds.

My Thoughts on After the Fall:

This is the last installment of the Easter’s Lilly series. I can honestly say I’m going to miss the Montiago family, although they are the definition of a dysfunctional family.

I will say it takes a little bit to get caught up because there was such a time lapse between books 6 and 7 but you get into the groove very quickly.

This book ties up all the loose ends we’ve always wondered about. Junior is all grown up now with kids of his own. Family members we forgot about or were scared make their presence known.

The biggest thing is who in the world does Lilly end up with? We know that she has been a woman that the Montiago men literally fight over. When the story starts she’s with Hector still. Does she stay with Hector? Does she go back to a past love? Does she find a new love?

You’ll want to read this book to find out these answers and more. The truth just may surprise you. After the Fall proves at least to me, that true love really does exist and concurs all.

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