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About Freya: 

Harnessing over 30 years of skincare research and cutting-edge stem cell technology, the Freya philosophy combines advanced scientific knowledge with the unmatched purity of ingredients found in the pristine arctic climate of Scandinavia. The result: a uniquely formulated skincare line clinically proven to drastically reduce the signs of aging, rebuilding the skin’s delicate tissue and increasing skin vitality, suppleness, tone, and texture.

We've spent years of intensive development with the best scientists on the planet perfecting our LEXA™ complex. We only work with the most pioneering researchers and biotechnology labs to guarantee the authenticity of our products. At freya we're proud of our products and proud to lead the industry, working harder than ever to capture the purity of nature for your skin.

I was given the chance to review their Arctic Cleansing Water.

Arctic Cleansing Water

Product Description:

Size: 200ml / 6.8 fl oz. . Item number: 102 Retails: $45.00

A beauty secret passed down through generations, Scandinavian girls are taught by their mothers to cleanse their faces only with ice cold water several times a day, which re-energizes skin and encourages blood flow. We’ve developed our Freya Arctic Cleansing Water to mimic the rejuvenating effects of this tradition with the necessary functional effects of an ultra-gentle cleanser, leaving your skin beautifully clean and refreshed, without drying it out. Arctic Antioxidants provide extra protection for your skin.


  • Rejuvenate your skin, leaving it youthfully clean and refreshed.
  • Our proprietary blend of Arctic Antioxidants, sea salts and minerals protect and re-energize the skin while providing calming moisture.

My Review:

I was excited to try this cleansing water. It seems the older I get, the more my skin breaks out. This product is very easy to use. You just use a cotton ball or cosmetic pad, gently massage the  Arctic Cleansing Water on to the entire face and neck, removing dirt, oil and makeup. No rinse necessary.

There is a slight foaming on your skin from the water. It looks like the water is soap, but it's not. This product I feel is like two products in one. It's water to clean the dirt and oil from your face and also hydrates your face. I've tried other facial cleansing products in the past. They left my face feeling dry and tight. 

Here are the ingredients in the water.

  • Aesthigel with Arctic sea salts & minerals: An effective and detoxifying skin cleanser and moisturizer
  • Aloe Vera: An effective skin conditioning agent
  • Caffeine: An anti-irritant. Caffeine also helps alleviate redness and reduces puffiness
  • Cucumber Extract: A calming skin conditioner that offers strong moisturizing abilities as well as a mild astringent effect
  • Chamomile Extract: A purifying skin conditioner that offers anti-inflammatory benefits as well as antiseptic and soothing effects
  • Red Raspberry Extract: A skin conditioner that also offers anti-inflammatory properties

I highly recommend every woman add this to their beauty products. It's a must have item.

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