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I'm not much of a traveler, I've only been to a handful of different states. I have seen television shows about Australia and have seen pictures. It's a beautiful country. There is more to it than just kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee!!


What Americans Believe About Australia

Often before traveling to another country, people run to the internet to seek information about the place they are looking at visiting or even moving to. In this post, we will talk about some things that Americans are learning about Australia at an alarming rate and the reasons why more Americans are choosing to move to Australia over a lot of other countries. Some of these are just downright cool to learn about, others are more serious in nature. The best tip I learned while researching Australia is about converting temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celcius. A great way to do that is to double the number and add 30. Pretty cool, huh!


While many Americans are posed with having to file bankruptcy because of medical debts, Australia has a National Healthcare System and after delving deeper into it as an American this is nothing short of a gift that could be treasured. Drug companies rule the world here in the USA while in Australia the national system is all about helping people.


Americans are always rushing here, there and everywhere but in Australia, people are known for taking life as it comes and never getting into a hurry. Life is lived at a steady pace and people are slow to anger. This makes for a less stressful living environment.


We have to budget for many items here in America, but in Australia, they even have free television. Yes, you read that right. There is a system called Free-To-Air TV and all you need is a television and electricity to get tv service. Wouldn’t that be lovely!


Did you know that tipping is not expected when getting a meal, a haircut or any other service? In America, this is unheard of, but in Australia, if you choose to tip people are not expected to pay more than 10%. Many people say that the first thing to learn about any new country that you are thinking about visiting or even moving to is to unlearn everything that the American mainstream media has taught us. We think Foster’s beer, koala bears, and the amazing fireworks show that the Sydney Opera House puts on every New Years, but Australia has so much more to offer.

In your travels, we hope that you think of us here at Gina’s Library and are able to use these fun facts and tips when and if you decide to travel to the great country of Australia. Be sure to share your photos with us!

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