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Crayola has new back to school stationery on the market, called Take Note. One of those products are highlighters that are erasable!back to school supplies

It's hard to believe that it's already time to start thinking about Back to School. Why is it that winter lasts so long, and summer goes by so quick? Seems unfair if you ask me! One thing I do love about back to school time is all the great supplies, or as I call it office supply shopping season!

I have always loved paper, pens, gel pens, markers etc. I think this is why I have a blogging binder so much. I can stay organized but incorporate my love of stationery products.

Crayola has always been one of my favorite brands for all things back to school stationery items and for art.

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They have a new product line on the market called Take Note! Trust me, you will want to take note of these products. Why? They have highlighters that are erasable, my friends! Does it make you cringe to let your little ones use gel pens? The gel pens in the Take Note line are washable. The ink can be easily washed from skin, clothing, and furniture.

Take note gel pens are available in packs of 6 or 14ct. I love their bright vibrant colors.

back to school stationery back to school stationery

Create vibrant art and notes with Take Note! washable gel pens from Crayola. Each washable gel color lays down smooth and streak-free with a cool click of these ergonomic, cushioned-gripped pens. Create colorful special effects with the washability you expect from Crayola®. Perfect for taking notes, art projects and organizing documents by color. Includes 6 washable gel pens in 6 vibrant colors. For 6 years and up.

back to school stationery

There are 6 vibrant colors of highlighters. You can purchase a single pack or a 3 pack, which is great if you have more than one child. Highlight and erase in 6 vibrant colors—without damaging books or documents! The Crayola® Take Note! erasable highlighters have bright colors on one end, with clear ink tips on the other end for magically erasing the colorful highlights. No more worrying about highlighting the wrong word or over-highlighting a page! Includes 6 dual-tipped erasable highlighter markers in 6 different colors. For 6 years and up.

The 14ct gel pens and highlighters are now stables in my stationery for blogging. I use the highlighters daily, I love that I can erase them if I have to. The gel pens are great as well, tons of fun bright colors. Writing with a regular blue ink pen gets boring after awhile. I love colorful things and now I have tons of options. The 6ct gel pens are in my travel pouch in my laptop backpack for when I work away from home.

What do you think of these amazing Take Note! products from Crayola? Which do you want the most, the gel pens or the highlighters?

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