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Planners are a great way to keep your life organized and to remember where you need to be when you need to be there. There are many different planners on the market to choose from. It is important to think of what you want in a planner before you spend the money on one. The Best Planner Ever is a great planner to really get your life in order.

Best Planner Ever

I have an addiction to planners to help me stay organized in my blogging. I would be lost without my planner and my blog binder.  One of my newest planners is the Best Planner Ever.

The Best Planner Ever is different than any other planner I've had because it really helps you to get organized.

best planner ever

When you first open your Best Planner Ever you'll see different pages to help plan out your year. It's a great place to jot down thoughts/ideas for each month. Just by jotting them down you can work towards achieving those goals for any given month. It's like brainstorming within your planner.

Best Planner Ever

There are sections to also plan out your goals for personal and business, relationship etc. You really have to only use one planner to brainstorm and plan out what you are working on personally for the year. I love this because we all have personal stuff to work on and having it all in one place helps.

best planner ever

Now we are getting into the deep part of this planner and how it can really help you be organized. Each month has the same sheet to plan out your goals for the month. These are deep thought proking goals. The only way to really improve yourself is to dig deep into what you want to change and create steps to achieve that goal.

Best Planner Ever

Of course, you get the standard 2-page blank calendar for each month to plan out where you need to be, and what activities you have going on. What is a planner without this section right?

Best Planner Ever

What I love about the Best Planner Ever is that there is a section for every day that is broken down from 6 AM to 8 PM. Time blocking is a great way to be sure that you get everything done in a day you want. Well, at least a better start at it. There is even a small section to list what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So yes, it's a food journal too!

You can choose between a 6 month or 12-month format for total customization. I have a feeling 2019 is going to be my year and the Best Planner Ever is going to help me achieve my goals and dreams.

Best Planner Ever Dimensions:

  • 12 Month: 354 pages, 1″ thick, and 8 3/4″ Tall x 8 1/4″ wide
  • 6 Month: 248 pages each, 1/2″ thick, and 8 3/4″ Tall x 8″ wide
  • All daily planners printed on high quality 50# white paper stock (75GSM). Covers are printed on 15 pt card stock with 3 mil laminate. They are flexible but still light and durable.
  • The coil is plastic, indestructible and will not bend like wire.

Features include:

  • Smaller size (8.5″ square) fits easier in a bag or on your desk
  • Monthly quick reference tabs
  • Integrated Vision Pages
  • Monthly & Weekly Goal Tracking
  • Priority To-Do List
  • Timed Appointments
  • Space for your sticky notes
  • Powerful daily intention
  • Health Tracking

Do you have your planner for 2019 yet? If not, I highly recommend the Best Planner Ever. They live up to their name.

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