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There are many different parts to blogging, and social media is one of them. How is your social media marketing? Do you need help? Do you wish you knew what to post? Wish you had more engagements on your posts? This E-Book needs to be part of your 2019 planning. Michelle D. Garrett is a Divapreneuer! She is that little cheerleader we all need on our shoulders at times. She is the author of this ebook.

social media prompts

What exactly is the Biz Boost Social Media Prompts E-Book?

Michelle has taken the time (Oh so much time) to come up with a social media prompt for you to use for every single day of the year! That's 365 days full of the great conversation your readers are just waiting to join in on. There is also a list of monthly celebrations and awareness.

Ways to use this calendar of social media prompts:

At the beginning of the e-book (That is printable) is a message from Michelle on how to use it “Keeping up with your social media posts can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Knowing what to post each day is hard. This calendar offers a full year of suggestions and prompts to share on your social media platforms and engage your followers. Using this calendar takes the guesswork out of wondering what to post.”

How you use this calendar can be as unique as you are. You can use it as is for only social media. Which social media platform? Whichever you choose of course. Personally, I choose to start a conversation on the 3 of the most popular (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Another way to use it is, since you know ahead of time what topics/special holidays are on any given day, you can create an evergreen post for that day. We all know how important Evergreen posts are on our blogs. This calendar is a great place to turn to when you are stumped on a post topic. Personally, I post about health topics so the monthly awareness dates for different types of medical concerns are perfect for me!

Do you have a VA? This e-book would be a great assignment for a VA. You can print out the e-book write down your thoughts/feelings/information for each date and then your VA is responsible for scheduling them.

I love that this e-book is printable and you can print the entire year out (like I did ) or you can only print one month at a time. There is no right or wrong way to use it. I tend to be a planner so I like to have it all printed out ahead of time for me so I can work ahead as much as possible.

How would you use this e-book? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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