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Frieling sells products for your kitchen. They carry products from different companies.Casserole Pot

Frieling carries items from different companies. They carry cookware by Black Cube, Woll, and Sitram. I received this diamond plus casserole pot with lid by Woll for a review.

Thanks to an innovative and diverse product range for the discerning consumer Frieling was able to establish a strong presence in the retail marketplace. Frieling considers itself fortunate to have earned not only the trust of their customers in North America and abroad, but also to have nurtured long-standing relationships with some of Europe’s best manufacturers in addition to our own collection. From Germany: Emsa, Cilio, and Zenker. From France: Sitram. From Switzerland: Durgol. Thanks to these strong alliances, Frieling's fresh solutions™ will be there for you for years to come and will continue to evolve and expand.

Why is the diamond plus casserole pot from Frieling a must-have item?

I'm not that great of a cook. I look for quick simple but delicious meals. I don't like spending hours in the kitchen. The diamond plus casserole pot with lid is amazing. It makes cooking and cleans up very easily. There is a non-stick coating inside the pot. It is important to protect this coating so never use a metal utensil in your pots and pans that have it.

I made chili for dinner in the casserole pot. If you've ever made chili and let's face it who hasn't, it can be very messy and can stick quickly if you don't stir it enough. As I was stirring it I noticed the food was literally sliding down the sides. This is great for two reasons: 1. if it doesn't stick, it won't burn 2. if it's not burnt on the sides, you don't waste any of the ingredients.

Here are the features of the casserole pot:

  • Nonstick coated cast aluminum cookware
  • PFOA free
  • All cookware also
  • available with induction properties or fixed/removable handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 500
  • Made in Germany
  • Limited lifetime
  • warranty for home use

This is a great addition to any kitchen. It doesn't matter if you are a cooking pro or just starting out like myself.

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