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College scholarships are a big part of your junior and senior year of high school. There are tips you can practice to stand out on your scholarship

I know, students just headed back to class. You are probably are thinking it's way too early to be thinking about college and scholarships. This is a myth, now is the perfect time to start thinking about college and scholarships. The competition for scholarships gets very fierce the closer to graduation it gets. Not to mention, there is also early enrollment in college.

Here are 7 Ways to stand out on your college scholarship applications.

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  • Good Grades

This is a no-brainer. We all know from a young age that our grades are very important not just to pass high school but for college. Sometimes it's your grades that make you stand out from another application that has similarly interested that you do. When you can show you have good grades it shows that you are a hard worker, eager to learn, and love learning.

  • Volunteer

Volunteering is something we should all do to give back to our community in general. Volunteer experience and showing initiative are important for college applications and scholarship applications as well.

  • Read Form Carefully

This is very important. An application of any kind will have very detailed directions on how to complete it. If you misread or forget a step that can make you not eligible for the scholarship or at the bottom of the pile while they wait for the proper paperwork. Either option is not something you want to happen to you from a simple reading comprehension mistake.

  • Make Sure You Are a Good Fit

There are a lot of scholarships to apply for. Make sure you read over everything to make sure you qualify for this scholarship. There is nothing worse than spending countless hours on an application only to find out at the end that you don't even qualify. For example, my daughter was awarded a scholarship to nursing school her senior year of high school. You would not apply for that if you were going into law school.

  • Go the Extra Mile

When possible do something above and beyond what they ask for. If the application asks you if there is anything else you would like to add, do so. An additional document or information can be your resume. By your senior year of high school, you probably have a good idea of what you want to study in college. Do you have any paid or volunteer experience in this field? Now is the time to showcase it.

  • Apply Early

Don't wait until the last minute to submit your application. You may accidentally forget an important piece, they may want additional information. Also sometimes mail gets lost or delayed. It's important to make sure you have enough time for your application to be received by the correct person. Also, the earlier your application is submitted and submitted correctly just may move you to the top of the “maybe” list.

  • Rock Your Essay

The essay is an important and stressful part of the college scholarship process. You need time to really think about your essay and make sure it has all of the aspects they are asking for. Make sure you ask an adult you trust to read it over for you. They may have suggestions you didn't think of.

Another reason to start the college application process early is that you need time to research the many applications out there you qualify for. Dr. Summit Shah has a great scholarship that awards $1000 to one lucky recipient.

Has your teenager started the process of applying for college scholarships yet?

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