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Did you know that November is national scholarship month? For some people having a scholarship is one of the only ways they can afford to attend college.

Gone are the days when our family starts a college fund for us upon our birth and add to it yearly. More and more families are living paycheck to paycheck every month even with two incomes. There just simply is not enough money to put into a college scholarship roundup

While scholarships and student loans are needed more and more to pay for college you do need a strategy and game plan for applying for them. There is a lot more to it than just filling out a form and hoping for the best.

Over the years I’ve written numerous blog posts about this topic as my daughter was in the boat of having a goal for college, but I was unable to pay for it for her. (Talk about mommy guilt!)

I am proud to say she has graduated from nursing school for her associate degree and is currently working at a major hospital in our city. She is continuing her education online as well to achieve all of her career path dreams.

I’ve actually written 5 posts about ways to find scholarships.

college scholarship roundup

Scholarships are a great way to afford College

This post has 8 different scholarships listed to get you started on your journey of applying for scholarships.

College scholarship roundup

How to save money on college using scholarships!

This post has 9 scholarship ideas.

college scholarship roundup

7 Ways to Stand Out on College Scholarship Applications

It's important to stand out when you apply for scholarships. There are thousands of people applying for the same college scholarship. The idea of filling one out can be scary. I shared in this post ways to stand out.

college scholarship roundup

5 creative ways to help save for child’s college

I mentioned earlier that college funds set up upon birth are not always possible. While that is true, sometimes it is possible to put a little something away for college. This post helps you to think of ways that you can work a little bit of savings into your budget. It all adds up in the end.

college scholarship roundup

7 Different Scholarships for College to Apply For

Here is another list of 7 scholarships to apply for. These lists may duplicate but it gives you an idea of how to start looking for college scholarships.

I hope these posts help you on your journey of college scholarships either for you or your child. More and more adults are going back to school to either change their career path or to just become more educated in their current one.

Do you have a high school senior going off to college in the fall? How are you handling scholarships and tuition?


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