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College is expensive and not everyone can afford to pay for it on their own. Applying for college scholarships is a great way to be able to afford college and achieve your goals.

collage scholarships

The cost of college is astronomical and the fees are rising all the time. There is the fee of tuition itself, room & board (if you stay on campus) and books. There are ways to get the cost of college down to a very manageable fee, or sometimes it’s paid for in full. The answer? Scholarships of course!  

There are many different types of college scholarships you can apply for.

When we think scholarships and paying for college we typically think of high school students. While this is true, more and more adults are going back to college to change careers or going to college for the first time.

Did you know that there are a lot of college scholarships available to apply for, you just need to know where to look. A good first step is to simply do a google search. Here is a list of scholarships to apply for to get you started:

Another great resource for college scholarships is to check with your religious organization. When my daughter was in high school and we went to her awards banquet her senior year, a lot of students were receiving scholarships from their religious organizations.

You can also check with your nationality branches. Again, students were being awarded scholarships because of their nationalities. Don’t forget to check with the school of your choice directly as well. You never know if they have scholarships available.

Please do not let the fear of not being able to afford college stop you from achieving your goals. Remember the saying “Where there is a will, there's a way”.

All scholarships have different requirements but it’s important to make sure you take the time to read over them all. They usually have a strict deadline and set people that can apply. You also usually have to submit an essay on a topic that they choose.

You can apply for more than one scholarship as they usually don’t cover the entire cost of tuition and books. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box on ways to afford for college. When it comes to books, you can save money sometimes by buying used books or renting them.

Have you or your child applied for scholarships for college? I’d love to hear about your process.

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