Adult coloring is all the rage right now. Have you seen these adorable Color Yourself Happy and Color Yourself Calm postcards?


Lisa Magano sells many different post card books on Amazon you can color. For the purpose of this review I received two of her books. 50 Color Yourself Calm and 50 Color Yourself Happy.

Based in Paris, France, Lisa Magano is a young and talented illustrator who is very interested in drawings and patterns. All of her drawings are first hand drawn. Her “Messages à colorier” series was launched in France in May 2014 and has become a huge success both in France and internationally (over 400,000 copies sold in France, rights sold in 10 languages). She is also very interested in fashion.

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You are never to old to color!

Did you know that studies have shown that coloring can help you to relax and reduce stress? I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I have found myself feeling calmer while I'm coloring.

These postcards come in a book you can flip though and tear out just the one you want. Our society has lost the art of letter writing and sending quick notes in the mail to each other. Everything is online these days. Imagine how nice it would be to receive a heart felt message on a postcard your loved one colored especially for you. Imagine grandma's delight to check the mail and see a postcard colored by her beloved grandchild. Another great use for these postcards is to hang them up on a wall in your home as inspirational quotes.

These postcards are printed on thick cardstock. I used only colored pencils on one and mixed medium of markers, and gel pens on the other. The mixed medium one is starting to fold up some but it will flatten back out when I put something heavy on it.

There are many different postcard collections to choose from. I will be purchasing more in the future when the ones I currently have are completed.

Purchase on Amazon:

Color Yourself Calm | Color Yourself Happy | Complete Collection

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