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Embrace your creative side with rock painting. Rock painting is a fun and relaxing way to unwind and be creative. You can even brighten someone's day.rock painting

Rock painting is a great relaxing activity, that you can share with the entire family. There is no right or wrong way to paint rocks. I'm not very creative so I do some very simple crafts. Crafting, in general, does not have to be elaborate.

Crafting for me is very relaxing. It's a great way to unwind and relax. It also helps relieve stress and pain. Rock painting is also a great way to bring joy to others. You can paint a rock and design it for someone in particular or you could join in the fun of painting and hide them in your community.

I found a rock once at our local convenience store on the air pump. I was so excited to find it, and it brought a smile to my face. Painting and hiding rocks in your community is also a great source of exercise. The entire family can join it as well. What is a better form of exercise there than a slow family walks together? You can find rocks, and hide rocks on your walk.

Rocking painting is also a great way to spend a raining day.

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I don't know what it is about a rainy day, but I get bored easily. I stay indoors all the time but rain makes me sleepy and bored easily. Rock painting is a great way to entertain the kids too if they become bored being stuck indoors.

Crayola makes rock painting easy with their rock painting kit. The kit has everything you need to create beautiful works of art on a rock, all you need is well rocks!

rock painting

What do you get in this reusable bucket?

  • (6) 2oz Acrylic Paint bottles-red, black, yellow, white, blue, brown
  • (1) 8oz Paint Glaze bottle
  • (5) Arts & Crafts brushes in a variety of sizes
  • (8) Metallic Markers
  • Paint Mixing tray
  • Content card with tips & ideas to reference on

rock painting

I had fun painting these rocks. It took a few coats of paint to cover them but there is still tons of paint left int he jars. My husband and even got in on the fun. What I love the most are the metallic markers you can use to write on the rocks. This is perfect for inspirational quotes.

rock painting

The trick to using the markers is you have to apply the glaze first and let it dry. If you try to use the markers first, the glaze will smear the markers. My husband loves to put his initials on everything so he used one rock with nothing but the glaze and blue metallic marker.

How would you use the Crayola rock painting kit to create beautiful rocks? Remember they can be used as customized paperweights as well!

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