We have had experience with customer service before. This can either be in your line of work, or you had to call about a company's customer service. Customer service for bloggers is just as important.

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No matter what kind of business you run, you need to have good customer service. Your customers are what keeps you in business. If they do not like the level of your customer service, they won't visit your establishment or website. This means you won't have a business for long.

Blogging is no different. Having good customer service for bloggers is what will make it a lot easier/faster to succeed and to earn an income. When it comes to blogging, your level of customer service can literally make or break your blog.

5 ways good customer service for bloggers is important.

1. Companies and PR Agencies

If you are trying to monetize your blog, then you are going to be working with companies and PR agencies to work on sponsored content. If you are not professional, stay on task and provide what you have promised on time, they will not work with you. Yes, things come up in life and something may be late or missed. Communicating with your contact person is extremely important in this matter.

2. Social Media

Social media is popular for everyone. It's important for bloggers so that others see your content faster and sooner. You have to promote your content in a way that speaks to your ideal reader. Posting things like “hey come read my new post about xyz” is not going to cut it. You need to grab your ideal readers attention quickly and efficiently. You also have to engage with them. Did they leave you a comment? Retweet? Ask a question? Speak to them. They want to feel important and noticed. If you ignore them, you just lost a reader and potential income.

3. Blog Comments

This is the same as social media. Did someone take the time to not only visit your site but to comment on a post you spent countless time on? Take the time to engage with them, start a conversation. This is what creates return visitors and they will suggest your blog to others. Word of mouth is a great source of advertisement for any business.

4. Email

It does not matter if your email is from a reader of your blog, company you are working with currently, or a potential client. You should always answer emails and be polite and professional. Did you know that PR Agencies actually talk to each other and if you are rude to one, you may not get to work with another? Also, some PR Agencies work with many different companies. Being rude may cost you the chance to work with your dream company.

5. Other Bloggers

This is a major one! There is a lot of competition and drama between bloggers sometimes. There is no need for this! Everyone is different and so is every blogger. Just because “Sally” doesn't run her business like you do, there is no need to be rude and petty about it. Remember the saying goes… “You do you!” Three bloggers can post about the same exact topic/product and all 3 posts will be completely different. That is the beauty behind blogging. Don't let the green eyed monster get the best of you!

Are you interested in finding ways to increase your customer service beyond these tips?

There are programs/services you can use to help you even more with your customer service. They are great for all types of businesses. Guided Tour Software helps you with product management, customer success and sales & marketing. You can request a trial and schedule a demo. Another option is Product Usage Analytics, They offer the same tools as Guided Tour Software.

I hope this post helped you think of different ways it's important to have good customer service.

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