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Have you heard of disposable sheets? They save you valuable time and you have fresh sheets at your fingertips. You no longer have to fight with the bed to change the sheets. There are a total of 4 benefits to disposable sheets.disposable sheets

I am new to the concept of disposable sheets. Peel Away Labs has created bed sheets that have 5 layers to them when one layer is soiled you simply peel it off and then you have a fresh clean sheet on the bed in a matter of minutes! What exactly are these disposable sheets?

disposable sheets

Peel Away Labs specializes in sheets. The company has applied a new technology to design a solution that benefits both the institution and the consumers. Peelaways are an innovative way to manage the daily task of changing bedsheets.

The multi-layered, peel-away, waterproof disposable sheet product allows quick removal of each layer, and a fresh, clean, soft sheet is immediately in place underneath. Peelaways are independent laboratory tested and are free from phthalates, formaldehyde, and lead.

Peelaways are infection neutral and do not transmit infectious material between layers. The micropore waterproof membrane for breathability keeps the patient cool while protecting the mattress.  It's soft and absorbent nonwoven fibers are 32% softer and generate less friction than traditional bed sheets.

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4 Ways Disposable Sheets Save You Time

  • Chronic Pain Patients

When you suffer from a chronic illness even the simplest things are difficult. This includes changing the sheets and making the bed. My husband and I both dread when it's time to change the sheets because the way we have our bed set up, it's not easy. To make it easier, we put the sheet on together. Being able to put the sheet on, then having 5 layers of clean sheets at one time, is a game changer.

disposable sheets

  • Houseguests

The holidays will be here before we know it. This means setting up a guest room in some cases for our family and friends from out of town. The disposable sheets is a good alternative to adding to your already mountain of laundry. Your guests will have 5 sets of sheets to use and you only have to make the guest bed up once.

    • Dorm Rooms

Peel Away Labs disposable sheets were actually originally developed in a dorm room. They sell a set for dorms and it has 7 layers of sheets, not 5! I never went to college but I don't want to imagine how often those dorm sheets are washed.

  • Bed wetting accidents 

Potty training is difficult for overnight. Sometimes as we get older, we have bathroom accidents too. Peel Away Labs has a Crib-a-peel version. They fit in a crib and you have 5 layers.

All of the styles of disposable sheets from Peel Away Labs are waterproof. I highly recommend them for everyone!

What do you love about the Peel Away Labs disposable sheets?

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