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Are you a dog lover? Dog rescue shirt club is an easy and creative way to help dogs in need.

dog rescue shirt club

We see on television all the type about dog's that need rescued. This can be because they were abused/neglected by their owners, or because the shelters are over crowded and need help. What ever the reason, dogs are always in need of help. They are defenseless animals that rely on humans for the basic needs like food and shelter.

There are a lot of different organizations out there that help dogs. It can be confusing and time consuming to find which ones to donate to. Dog Rescue Shirt Club makes it easy to donate monthly and help these poor dogs.

How does Dog Rescue Shirt Club work?

As a member of Dog Rescue Shirt Club, you'll receive a unique t-shirt from a different dog rescue each month with a portion of the proceeds from your membership going directly back to the featured rescue. It's a great way to show your support for only $20/mo. and Free Shipping.

My husband is a big dog lover and gets along with all dogs. I call him a dog whisperer actually. There have been many times when he goes to pet a dog, and the owner warns him the dog doesn't like strangers or is mean. In a matter of seconds, the dog is giving kisses (licking) and jumping in affection all over my husband then barks when he goes to walk away. The owner is always shocked by this. I don't know what it is about him but he's my dog whisperer!

We each received a t-shirt to try out. They are so comfortable and fit perfectly. We love wearing them and advertising great dog rescue to help bring awareness about them.

dog rescue shirt club

The above picture is the shirt I received. I wear a 2-X and this shirt fits perfectly, it wasn't tight at all. It's actually one of my shirts because of how comfortable it is.

dog rescue shirt club

The shirt my husband received is two sided, he wears an X-large. His shirt is double sided, the picture above is the front.

dog rescue shirt club

His shirt fits like mine does. My husband actually dresses in layers daily because he's always cold due to poor circulation. He has worn this shirt with another one under and over it. It's that comfortable and has that much room to it.

Currently they offer two styles of t-shirts. A unisex T-Shirt in sizes S through 3-XL as well as a women's cut v-neck soft T-Shirt in sizes S through 2-XL. Both are super soft and comfy tees. Their shirts are $20 a month. Please keep in mind and additional $2.50 for 2-XL and $3.50 for 3-XL.

Dog Rescue Shirt Club would make a great gift for any dog lover that will be sure to please.

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