Do you worry about the amount of sugary drinks your child has everyday? Maybe you are tired of juice boxes exploding in your bag while out running errands with the kids. Drink in a box helps solve both of these issues.

Drink in a box

Drink in a box use to be named Juice in a box. The name change is so that you know more than just juice can be served in these. I love the idea of cutting out unneeded sugar out of a child's diet and it's important to do so for adults as well.

Precidio is the parent company and has been a trusted name in housewares for more than 30 years. During their time in Brampton Ontario, the city of Brampton planners even named a street after them! Their head office is now located just west of Toronto, in Oakville, Ontario.

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Drink in a box is perfect for infused water.

I don't drink water although I know the health benefits of drinking water. I just don't like the non taste of it.  I wanted to see if this would help me drink water more. I put some frozen strawberries I had in the freezer added water and put it in the fridge for a few hours. I could actually taste the strawberries! I am so happy this will help me drink more water.

Mold is not a concern in your drink box.

Although Drink in a Box comes in different colors you can see into the container. This way you can tell if it needs cleaned right away (it should be washed after ever use anyway) and you can also tell how much your child is drinking.

I love that the lid snaps shut firmly and doesn't leak. I can carry it with me when I'm out running errands since my medications make me have a dry mouth a lot.

Did you know that 2 disposable juice boxes a day add up to 30 pounds or 13 kilograms of sugar each year? That's crazy considering a juice box is only 8oz typically.

If you are looking for an alternative to sugary drinks for yourself or your kids Drink in a Box is the way to go.

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