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It can be a challenge to stay organized and remember everything you need to in a day. This is especially true when you are juggling the household and an online business. Dry ease is the answer to this!dry-ease

Dry ease so much fun no matter how old you are. Who doesn't love to write/draw on something and simply erase it to start over again? Dry ease is also great for businesses. If you are having a brainstorming meeting, you can write down the ideas as they are flowing.

Dry ease is great for parents too. Do you have a budding artist that loves to draw on anything/everything? Hang up dry ease for them to use for their beautiful creations.

I have tried different types of dry ease over the years. My favorite by far is the Post-It Dry Ease Surface with Adhesive Backing you can get from Shoplet. You can use it as is or cut it down for customized sizes. As a blogger, I am always looking for ways to stay more organized. Dry ease helps with that.

Post-It Dry Ease Surface Product Description:

Set collaboration free. Designed to stick to a variety of painted drywall and steel surfaces, glass, finished wood, and existing whiteboards or chalkboards. Easy to install and requires no tools just unroll, peel and stick. Utilizing a proprietary dry erase coating, the dry erase surface is stain-proof, erases cleanly every time and writes smoothly. From horizontal applications on desks or tables to vertical applications on surfaces where traditional whiteboards cannot be installed, such as windows, the dry erase surface can be cut-to-fit and provides endless possibilities for dry erase solutions in new places. Its even great for replacing old dry erase surfaces that may be ghosted simply apply over the existing board and it looks new again. Board Type: Dry Erase Board Width: 36″ Board Height: 24″ Surface Material: Dry Erase.

dry ease

This dry ease comes in a roll that is easy to apply, I have it hanging on my office wall. I have an obsession with post-it notes and have them in different colors and sizes. I can stay on task and organized now with the dry ease.

dry ease

For the purpose of this review, I wrote Shopping List on the dry ease to show what it looks like when you write on it. We may end up using it for a running grocery list as well since my husband loves to tell me things he wants or we need while I'm working at my desk. Why he doesn't write it down on the notepad I have on the refrigerator for that, I have no clue!

Shoplet is a great one place shop for all of your office needs. They have office supplies, cleaning supplies, office furniture and more.

How would you use this amazing Post-It Dry Ease?

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