Dry Ease help you stay on top of events, plans, and meetings. This hanging calendar can be put where everyone can easily read it.

dry ease calendar
This is a huge wall dry ease calendar that is  24 x 36 inches (that's 2 x 3 feet!). Premium lamination on both sides allows for easy writing with dry erase markers and easy erasing for wet erase markers with a lightly damp cloth. The lightweight design makes hanging your calendar anywhere a breeze.

Stay on top of events, plans, and meetings by hanging this calendar where everyone can easily read it. Each hole on the 4 corners is reinforced with metal grommets to help prevent ripping and tearing when mounted.

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I love dry ease products to help stay organized.

I needed a dry ease calendar to stay organized with the amount of doctors appointments my husband and I both have. It's a great reminder to see them on a calendar in your face. It also helps to know what you already have scheduled when making other appointments.

This is also great for back to school. You can keep track of all your tests and long term assignments. You can keep track of sports this way too.

This dry ease calendar is very large. It's actually larger than I thought it would be. What I like about it is that it has lines in each square. It's now easy to write more than one item for a day and it looks nice and neat.

I can't write in a straight line without lines to save my life. They always go up hill then down hill. It's ridiculous. Finally a way to stay organized and look great.

This calendar has eyelets on it to help hang it. We used the eyelets to help hang it with push pins. It also comes with foam squares for like posters to hang it.

Extra bonus? It came with a free 8.5 x 11″ dry ease calendar!

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