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Are you an entrepreneur, or do you have dreams of becoming one? I love being able to work for myself, make my own hours etc. It can be lonely at times too though. There are some things to remember on your journey of being an entrepreneur.entrepreneur-loneliness

If you are already an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one, Congratulations! You've decided that you are in charge of your own business and income. That is a huge step and one that should not be taken lightly. Entrepreneurship means long days and nights to start earning an income. It is not an overnight success by a long shot.

While it is is rewarding, there is also such a thing as entrepreneur loneliness. I do not have children in the home, so I am home alone (except for the dog) during the day while my husband works out of the home.

Tips on how to overcome the entrepreneur loneliness.

Some of these tips don't seem like they will help with the loneliness but they are very important to succeed and you'll see why they are needed.  You'll see how they create a way to overcome the entrepreneur loneliness.


Try to find a spot in your home that is your dedicated workspace. I have the luxury of using a spare bedroom as an office. Not everyone has that luxury. The key to setting up a workspace is to either have it in a different room than where the family hangs out. If that's not possible, try to put up a curtain to separate the two spaces.


Being organized is important in many aspects of life. Your kitchen is organized,  the kid's toys are organized etc, right? Your business is no different. I keep all of my blogging files and things I need in a blogging binder. Some prefer to use a digital format for storage. A business organization is totally a personal thing.


Having a supportive community of other entrepreneurs is essential. It took me a long time to find my community but I am so thankful for them! They are some of the strongest women I know that are not only making great strides in their own business, they are there to support each other as well. I love these women! They are my sisters!


It's important to have goals for yourself personally, but also for your business. The goals help you stay on track, and what you need to work on. Don't think super long term. A popular way to work is to think of 90 days at a time, essentially breaking the year down into 4 quarters.

Researching other entrepreneurs and reading their stories helps too. Reading about Chrissy Weems and her background is a great place to start.

Family Support

Family support is extremely important. Without the support of your family, it can be very difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur. There are the long hours, the money you have to put into your business, and the lack of money at first coming in. Remember the old saying is true, you have to spend money to make money.

Another way to overcome the loneliness is to get out of the house to work. Meet up with some friends for lunch or coffee. I love to go to Starbucks to work. This is where being organized comes in. I can simply pack my laptop and binder in my bag and head out the door.

I mentioned Chrissy Weems and she is even giving back to our youth. I love reading about people giving back and helping our youth.

Are you currently an entrepreneur? Are you thinking about becoming one? I'd love to hear what type of business you have or are thinking of starting.

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