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Blogging is becoming more popular every day. There are many different niches, a niche is what topic your blog is about. Food bloggers are a very popular type of blogger/niche. There is more to food blogging than just taking a picture of what you are eating though.

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While food bloggers are more and more popular there is a lot of work behind the scenes. The best tip I have for anyone that wants to start a blog is to pick a topic you are passionate about. You can turn a hobby into a career. but it does take hard work and commitment. The reason you pick something you are passionate about is that the work is easier, the ideas just flow. When you are excited about what you do, your work really shines through.

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For example, Bill Bronchick has been a private chef caterer in the Denver, Colorado area for over two decades. His passion is entrepreneurship and has combined this and his love of food and catering to create a business.

I’ve posted a few recipes that I’ve done and let me tell you it’s HARD. The posting of the recipe itself and telling the story of the recipe is the easy part. The hard part is the photography. You have to have the lighting just right, make sure it looks eye appealing and delicious. There is a lot of work that goes into staging a photo for a food recipe post. Two of my favorite recipes I’ve done a Mexican Casserole and a recipe I make often in my instant pot called Italian Chicken Penne.

I am thankful I had some very creative and generous blogging friends help me to edit and stage my photos for these posts. It doesn’t matter how great and easy the recipe is if the photos are not appealing. Did you know that as a whole, we are very visual people? I was at a blogging event recently that featured some food bloggers and they summed it out best that “we eat with our eyes”. What does that mean? It means if a dish does not look eye appealing we won’t want to eat it.

How do food bloggers make money?

Of course, if you are a blogger of any niche you want to try and make money at this. There are ways that food bloggers make money. Some of those examples are:

  • Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are posts that you get paid to create. They may or may not include a product you were sent to create the post. Here is an example, let’s use cheese for an example. A name brand company would want to be featured in a food bloggers post about their cheese. The blogger would then create a post about the cheese, how they use it, how their family loves that cheese etc. Since they are a food blogger, of course, a recipe would be included showcasing the cheese.

  • Product Reviews

Sometimes a company would want to send you their product to be featured. The details of payment of this sort of campaign are handled between the company and the blogger. Details vary from blogger to blogger. The food blogger would have product in hand that the company sends to create a recipe using the product. Pictures would typically have the product front and center.

  • Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are popular with every niche of blogger. We earn a small commission from the purchase of the product we are featuring in our post. A food blogger can add an affiliate link to the list of ingredients they used for the recipe. It helps them to keep the blog running and make a money at the same time.

There are many ways to turn your passion into a career. Do you have a favorite food blogger you follow? I’d love to hear your recommendations of new ones to follow.

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