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Freelance work is one of the ways you can work from home. A freelance writer is someone who writes for others for money. Freelance work

You are probably wondering what exactly a freelance work is. The term freelancer or freelance work is used to describe a person that is self-employed and is hired to write an article for a person or company. You are paid on a case by case basis. The great part is you are not locked into working with just one company. This type of work is perfect if you have many different hobbies/tastes/and experiences. Wait, don't we all fall into that category?

You can be hired for 1 article about the household organization, another can be about parenting. The possibilities are endless really. It's all about how much time/energy you put into your business and getting your name out there and applying for jobs. Freelance work is similar to how you can make money on your blog. The difference is, the article you write freelancing does not get published on your blog. It's published by the person that hired you, but you get the credit.

How do you get started with freelance work?

So now that you know a brief description of what freelance work is, you are probably eager to find out more information. Perhaps you have thought about freelance work but have no clue on where to start this type of business. I happen to have a friend that teaches moms how to be a freelance writer! Abbi even has a free 5-day course on the topic. Abbi advertises her course on these key points:

  •  You want to leave your day job.
  •  You want more time, with your kids, but you also like money.
  • You’re tired of not being excited about your work.
  • You want to make real money.
  •  You like free stuff

Of course, Abbi is not the only freelance writer out there. Adrian Rubin is another example of someone that makes a living as a freelance writer. Adrian specializes in real estate type of articles. As I mentioned before, you can be a freelance writer about topics that you are passionate about.

Adrian also has a scholarship available for students graduating high school in 2018, to learn more about it check out the Adrian Rubin Scholarship.

Freelance writing can be fun and rewarding. It is hard work at first to get your business off the ground and your name out there. It is not a get quick scheme. It's a true business and people depend on you to provide authentic, original, professional work. It is a great way to make money from home so you can stay home with your family though.

Do you think freelance work is for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this option for a career path.