The Fresh Wave family of natural odor removing products has been around for a while. Like over 20 years. And you'll be happy to know that from day one, our family of odor removing products has been made with natural ingredients

Fresh Wave

Yes, natural ingredients. As in the good stuff, you find in nature—not harsh chemicals that were manufactured in a lab. Truth be told, Fresh Wave has been made with natural ingredients since long before it was trendy or cool to use natural products. Hey, what can we say? We love being different. #trendsetter

What’s our mission? That’s easy. To always provide you with the most effective go-to solution for safe, natural odor removal. Emphasis on the safe and natural. And we believe that by doing that, Fresh Wave can actually make your world happy, healthy and odor free. But here’s the best part. Call it good karma or just having a conscience, we want to make these great products without using harmful chemicals or wrecking the planet. It’s important to us, and we know it matters to you, too.

I love using all natural products in my home, for various reasons. Fresh Wave makes it easy to do so.

I've been trying to use more and more all natural products in our home lately. My husband and I both have medical problems that harsh chemicals can trigger. We also have a 9-month-old puppy that likes to lick/eat the carpet. 

I received 3 different products to try: Odor removing packs, odor removing gel, and odor removing spray. They also sell other products as well. Let's talk about how I used the products I received. 

Odor removing packs:

These are great for putting in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh. We have so many clothes we forget what we have in the drawers and they smell kinda musty when we pull them out. This is no longer an issue.

Odor removing gel:

Oh gel oh gel where have you been all my life? This is by far our favorite. We have it in our bathroom to suck up all those unsightly smells that are in there. The gel evaporates on its own as it's used. This lets you know when it's time to replace it.

Odor removing spray:

We use this on our floors, bed, couch. This is handy with the puppy. He's not fully housebroken so he has accidents from time to time. Plus with one of his breeds (he's a mix) they are prone to excitable urination. 

Our home is now smelling fresh for Spring and is healthy for us to breath in. I highly recommend all of their products. Which is the first one you'd try?

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