Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. This type of cleaner works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface.

Genesis 950

Genesis 950 doesn't use any harsh chemicals making it a green, safe alternative to traditional household cleaners. Genesis 950 was developed over twenty years ago as a safe, green cleaner used in industrial press rooms to clean ink from equipment, flooring, clothing and rags. Over time, the press men were taking Genesis 950 home to clean things in their home and garage. They found that if it could safely clean industrial ink, then it should clean just about everything else. And it does! As the Genesis 950 began disappearing from the press rooms, the companies using it asked that it be made available to their employees so they could purchase it rather than taking it from the press rooms. Genesis 950 was put online and has since blossomed into the best kept cleaning secret online. Now, thousands of customers have used it to remove pet stains, clean carpets, degrease engines, restore furniture, power wash siding, clean flood and fire damage and so much more.

Genesis 950 is great for pet stains.

I have a 9-month-old puppy that we are struggling to fully house train. There are times he has accidents in the house for a variety of reasons. It drives my husband and myself crazy. Especially my husband that does the cleaning in the household. (I know ladies, I'm lucky in that aspect).

We tried this almost immediately upon receiving it because of how many times a day there are accidents of one sort or another from our puppy. We live in an apartment and our carpets are over 20 years old.

Genesis 950 works amazingly and quickly! The spots my husband has used it on to clean up from the dog look cleaner than any other spot on the carpet. It brought up that deep down dirt that we all know is trapped in our carpet but struggle to get out.

I have asthma that has been out of control lately so we are very careful with cleaning products we use in the house. There is not harsh smell to this cleaner. It actually leaves a nice pleasant smell to the house afterward. It's great for your Spring cleaning.

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