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Green living is important to help protect our environment. It's not that hard to do really. Here are 5 tips for green living when it comes to your business.green living business

Everyone is trying to be more green or environmental friendly these days. If you are not, you should at least try a few simple tricks to help. We only get 1 planet and we need to help preserve it. It's easy to go green when you are at home and can set up your own rules and routines. What about at work though? That can be more challenging, especially if you are not the boss.

5 tips to help with green living for your business.

While it can be a bit more difficult to go green at work when you are not the boss, it's not impossible. Who knows, maybe by your boss or co-workers seeing you do these tips it will help to encourage everyone else to join in as well.

1. Pack your own lunch

Packing your own lunch is a great way to go green. The reusable containers help to cut down on waste. Another bonus is you save money not eating out. Win-Win

2. Use digital file organization

This one would be hard for me. I've tried many many times to use digital file keeping for my blog. I'm too much of an old-school pen/paper girl. If you are sharing information with a bunch of team members creating a digital file to share is better than printing out copies and wasting paper and trees. There are a lot of different tools and apps to help.

3. Use public transportation or carpool

I don't drive so I use public transportation all the time. Using public transportation or carpooling saves on gas, and toxins that are in the air from the exhaust and emissions from cars. It also saves money on parking.

4. Set up recycling in the office.

This can be done even if you are not the boss. You can set up little cans for under your desk and start to recycle at your desk. It's a great conversation piece when others ask you why they are there.

5. Turn off lights and unplug equipment

Turning off the lights when not needed is a no-brainer. Did you know that even if you turn off anything that needs to be plugged in, it still pulls power? Computers are big components of this. I know at home, I never unplug my laptop although I should. Plus it helps your battery life.

6.  Try to work from home.

If possible, try working from home. More and more companies now are offering the option to work at home. There are also ways to find a job at home. We all know about those work at home schemes. (Stuffing envelopes anyone?) There are legitimate ways to work from home though. Freelance writing is one of them.

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