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It’s every parent's dream/nightmare; your child has finally grown up and is leaving the next to pursue a college degree. They’re excited and nervous, as are you, and the first hurdle is moving into their dorm. It’s a totally new experience for them, and if the transition isn’t smooth, then it can ruin their whole time in college.

First Dorm Room
On the other hand, if your child moves into their dorm room and feels settled early on, then it provides the perfect foundations for them to have a brilliant experience. So, with that being said, here’s what you can do to help:

Help organize/clean the room

Hopefully, the room itself should be relatively clean as the college staff will do this during the summer break. But, it can still be a bit dusty, and the furniture might not be in the optimal places. As such, you should help your child organize their room and move everything around, so it’s more practical. Also, get them things like closet organizers or draws they can fit under their bed. Both of these ideas help bring more organization to the place, which ensures they’re not living somewhere that’s entirely cluttered and horrible. It creates a better feeling in the room, and they’ll enjoy living there.

Get some fun furniture that helps them relax

Often, a dorm room can feel very bland and not at all relaxing. Especially when they share it with someone else, then it can almost feel like a prison cell! So, you can help the situation with some great dorm room furniture. Something like a fun beanbag is an excellent idea as it’s an object they can relax into while reading a book or watching TV. You can be restricted with what you’re able to buy and fit into a dorm, which is why fun ideas like this can really make a difference. It adds a lighthearted touch to the room, and it can help them settle.

Don’t overstay your welcome

I think the hardest part of helping your child move is not knowing how big of a role to play. Supply them with furniture, helping them move their stuff and organizing it will be a big help. But, you don’t want to overstay your welcome and impose yourself. This could embarrass them in front of their roommates, which makes it harder for them to fit in and get off on the right foot. Stay for as long as they need you there, then let them get acquainted with their fellow students. Sure, you could go out for a goodbye lunch or dinner, but don’t linger in their dorm while they’re trying to talk to others. It can be hard to let them go, but it’s for the best!

No matter how much you might be excited to have some extra time to yourself, no parent likes it when their kid goes to college. For one, it makes you feel super old! But, you’re mainly just sad that you won’t see them much anymore, and you’re worried about how they’ll find it. If you follow this advice, you can help them move into their new place and get to know their new surroundings.

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