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Being on the first page of a major search engine for a competitive query can do wonders for a brand. Over 90% of those making that query will click on a link on that first page. When it comes to SEO, you could do everything yourself. Before you commit to handling this job yourself, in addition to everything else you have to take on, consider these benefits to hiring a professional SEO agency.

SEO is an important part of any online business. When you are first starting out it is very confusing and time-consuming to master to rank high on searches. I am still learning how to apply good SEO to my blog. SEO is not something that you learn and move on. It's something that is constantly changing and needs to be tweaked.

SEO Agency

4 ways hiring an SEO agency is beneficial to your business.

Save Time

SEO efforts, for any website, are an ongoing process. Hiring a professional organization for any task saves you the time of having to do it. When it comes to a skill-intensive activity, it not only saves you the time of doing the work, it also saves you the hours it would take you to learn and the trial and error to get things just right. And that's if you hire an agency to do everything for you.

There is another, somewhat lighter option. The middle ground between hiring an agency to do everything and starting from scratch yourself is to find someone that offers SEO consulting services. With this approach, you get the knowledge of an experienced individual or team and can skip the initial “trial and error” phase of learning SEO.

Whichever option you choose, if you do hire an agency, keep in mind that this frees up your time to work on your primary responsibilities or refocus on other areas.

Get Things Right the First Time

As a beginner to SEO, or even someone with experience that hasn't had time to keep up with new developments, there will be mistakes made. Some of those will cost your website business and opportunities. Further, it's harder to fix a lot of errors than it is to start from scratch in many cases.

Hiring outside of your company can also give you a fresh perspective. An agency will tell you what needs to be changed without having any emotional attachment to the original content. They will show you how things need to be to make them better. Rarely does this mean losing old assets, but many times they will be changed.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you're in a competitive industry or niche (and really, who isn't?) you need to take every advantage you can. A competent SEO agency stays ahead of industry developments, best practices, and trends. For example, in the coming years, the data support that voice search will be involved in nearly 1 in 3 searches by 2020. The right agency already knows how you need to prepare for that.

Further, machine learning is becoming a large part of SEO. It helps to find the information needed to maintain a competitive SEO strategy quickly and easily. The tools are available to anyone willing to learn to use them. However, though most businesses acknowledge that this is where the future is headed, not many are ready to implement this technology. A professional SEO agency will have spent time with these tools and be prepared to use them to improve your business through SEO.

Have Access to the Best Tools

The best tools for setting up, managing, and maintaining your SEO efforts are well-designed, easy-to-use, and powerful. They are also incredibly expensive and, typically, subscription-based. SEO agencies can split this cost among many clients. This alone can show you how, though hiring an agency is an expense, doing things yourself, at a high level, may cost you more.

Have you ever hired an SEO Agency? What was your experience like?

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