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Adoption is a very magical and heart-warming experience for the adoptive family. It is also very traumatic and heartbreaking for the birth mother. I have seen both sides of adoption.adoption stories

An adoption is a great option for the birth mother that can not care for her child, and for the adoptive parents that can not have a child on their own. There are different types of adoption, 8 different ones to be exact. The most common is an open adoption, closed adoption, and adopting a child from foster care.

My family has its own experience with adoption in two different ways, both were closed adoptions.

My mother has put two babies up for adoption upon their birth. My step-father and his brother were both adopted upon their births. We have all seen amazing adoption stories and bad ones. While adoption is a great option for both sides, things are not always perfect.

I know my mother has experienced guilt and heartache of not knowing where two of her children are (she's had 4 children, all girls). Their birthdays were a very depressing time for my mom. We have since been reunited with them, however for various reasons the relationships are now strained and we are struggling to connect.

I have also watched my step-father and uncle struggle as children put up for adoption. They struggled with not knowing their background, where they come from. Who their biological family is. Which biological parent do they look like? Do they have siblings? All adopted children struggle with these questions, but I saw it first hand in my family.

One of the biggest questions adopted children wonder about is their family medical history. For example, in my family, we have a history of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). My older sister that was adopted actually has Crohns. When we grow up in the family we are biologically related to, we take for granted we have full access to our family's medical history. We can see what our family is allergic to, or medical conditions they suffer from.

This is not to say any of the parties regretted the decisions that were made. All the decisions we make in life come with questions and wonder. While my family has not had picture perfect experiences with adoption, there are many families that have.

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Adoption really is a beautiful thing. There are some couples that struggle to adopt a child for many years before it finally takes place. When it's finally their time to welcome a child into their heart, and family they want to celebrate. A great way to celebrate is to have a family photo taken by a professional photographer. Tana Taylor adoption is a photographer that specializes in photo shoots for the adopted family. She feels it is very important to celebrate and incorporate as many immediate family members as possible in the photo shoots.

A great keepsake for the family is to create a one of a kind family photo. How can you do this? You can add your favorite adoption quotes as a photo prop to add in your photo. There is a lot of great adoption quotes out there and I'm sure that anyone that has been on this journey as one or two of their favorite.

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Has your family been impacted by adoption? I'd love to hear your story.



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