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Hiring new talent is a crucial and inevitable part of being a business owner. You may have begun your venture alone, but, to take on more work and grow your company, you will need some help. A business is only ever as good as the people behind, which is why you must ensure that you hire the right candidates for the job. To do this, and save time and money, you need a great hiring process. With that in mind, here are six things that you can do to improve yours.

hiring process in your business

Hiring someone to help with your business is not just for corporate America jobs. Bloggers sometimes hire out as well. VA's (Virtual Assistants) are very popular in the blogging community. It's very stressful to do it all on your own. It's important to make sure you hire someone that fits with your personality, and with your work ethic.

  1. Improve Your Job Descriptions

There’s no such thing as the perfect job description, but chances are, there are ways to make yours better. If you’ve found that you’re receiving applications from people poorly suited for the position you’re offering, then your description of it likely isn’t very clear. This shouldn’t be too long, but it should contain information on the qualifications required and the job’s responsibilities.

  1. Bring In More People

As the leader, your opinion on potential employees is crucial, but it’s not the only one that counts. Considering candidates may be working closely with your team in the future, it makes sense to invite some of your employees to the interviews. You can have them ask a question or two of their own and give feedback to you afterward. This can help you make a fully informed decision.

  1. Get Some Professional Advice

Running a business doesn’t mean that you immediately know how to interview and hire employees properly. Because of this, you should check out forums, a recruitment blog or two, and listen to podcasts for advice. You can also speak to a professional recruiter or more experienced business people for their support and guidance.

  1. Test The Best Candidates

Although you probably don’t want to think it, some candidates do lie on resumes and during interviews to help themselves secure a position. To ensure that your interviewees have the skills and experience they claim to, you could test them during their interview. This could be using a written test, simulations, or role-playing. You should also ensure you check their references.

  1. Avoid Any “Magic” Questions

There’s nothing wrong with asking candidates questions not related to your business during the interview stage. After all, you want to know about their life and personality just as much as their skills and knowledge. That being said, you shouldn’t ask “magic” questions, like what they would do with three wishes. No serious interviewee would be happy with a question like this.

  1. Throw In A Survey

Once the interview has ended, you should consider asking candidates to fill out a survey, giving their opinions on you, the interview, and the hiring process as a whole. This can help you to identify any weaknesses and put them right. If you want more honest answers, it’s probably best that you do this anonymously, with lots of candidates filling out their surveys at once.

Finding the right employee for your company isn’t always easy, but, with a better hiring process, you’ll save time, money, and stress along the way.

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