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Influencer Marketing

Title: The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing

Author: Joe Sinkwitz

Genere: Non Fiction / Business

Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: December 4, 2017

Pages: 175

Buy Link: Amazon

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing Summary:

Have you ever wondered how that Instagram model is able to afford the seemingly endless luxuries in all the photos she posts?

Have you ever wished that it was you getting all those products and being paid all that money?

Have you ever thought that you simply wish she was promoting your product?

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing satisfies all three of these questions, by providing an in-depth look at the business world of influencers, how to use them for your business, and how to become one yourself. Written by digital marketing industry veteran Joe Sinkwitz, CEO of Intellifluence with a foreword by Copypress CEO Dave Snyder, you’ll learn how to create influencer campaigns for your brand or agency from scratch and how influencers can grow their audiences to full potential over 29 actionable chapters.

My thoughts on The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing

As an influencer myself, I always find it hard to describe to people what it is I do for a living. I could say a blogger but that does not give what I do justice. My blog and social media are where my work ends up when it's finished. Similar to an office job where the boss says “I need that report by 5 pm Monday”. My blog is that said “report”.

This book is great for both the influencer such as myself and for companies looking for ways to promote their company. There are times that companies do not fully understand how an influencer can help them to grow their business. Times are changing, television & radio are not the only ways to advertise a business.

The internet makes it easy for a consumer to research about a product/service they are interested in purchasing. They want to know if it's a good quality product, what is the customer service like? Does the product really do what it claims to do? This is where influencers and their blogs come into play.

There are countless times someone asks me “So, what do you do for a living?” When I say I'm a blogger, they go oh. End of conversation. When I say I'm an influencer that sparks a conversation. Most often that is followed up with, oh that sounds interesting what is that exactly? The easiest answer I give them is, Do you ever see a product in the stores or on tv and you wonder if it really works the way they claim? The answer is always of course I do. I reply with, well that is what I do. I work with companies to try out their products and show them in use.

The answer excites them and it's a perfect way for me to hand out a business card for them to visit my blog. This book is great for anyone starting out in the Influencer market to learn how you can benefit the company. It's great for companies as well to learn how an influencer can help them.