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Janiebee nap mats are so cute and functional. It's never been easier for your child to nap on the go. Janibee

Janiebee is about family. Past and present. The company is named after the creator's mother Jane and a niece that passed away from a tragic car accident.

Each mat is designed as a little quilt in a variety of hand-picked quilter's cotton, luxurious Minky brand Dimple blankets and TWO inches of thick, soft, quilter's batting.

There's nothing else like them.

Custom made to snuggle your little one for nap time, play time, reading time or anytime.  Great for vacations, daycare, camping and Grandma's.

Nap with our All Minky Silly Puppies Nap Mat for boys or girls in super soft cuddly polyester smooth Minky fabric. So luxurious in red background with white and black large-scale puppies.  Blanket in two fabrics, Silly Puppy inside and black embossed Minky outside. Black dimple Minky pillowcase.  Straps and ties in Black Minky.

My niece loves her silly puppy nap mat. Her brother loves it too.

Mikella is almost 3 so she still takes naps here and there. Her mom wishes she would take naps more often. That girl has non-stop energy. They have a busy on the go schedule and they also go camping a lot. This nap mat is perfect for Mikella.

She now always has a soft place to curl up to nap. It's her own personal space where she feels comfortable no matter where they are. It easily fits in the trunk of a car. I think it would be great at the pool this summer. Little ones would have their own spot to lay down and rest after playing and tiring themselves out.

Her brother is 13 and he fits in it with her. I think he's secretly jealous of it, to be honest. I love that you can have them customized with their name. This is important because Mikella is a unique name and you can't find things with her name on them in a store.

There are tons of designs to choose from. Right now you can save 20% on a nap mat of your choice. Use code GINASREVIEWS. Which mat is your favorite?

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