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Jewelry organization is necessary to keep your jewelry safe. It can also be used for decor for whatever room you keep it in. Some families pass down jewelry and jewelry boxes to generation after generation. A good jewelry organization system is a must-have. Jewelry Organization

I'm not a big jewelry fan. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding rings, and a necklace my husband bought me when we first got together. My weakness is nail polish. I have countless bottles of nail polish, some are very old and should be thrown away honestly. Nail polish can be organized and stored in a way that is stylish and colorful. Right now they sit in an acrylic drawer system on my dresser. I can see all my pretty polishes all the time.

My husband is a minimal list and the only jewelry he's into is watches. His collection of watches is up to 10 now I think. Most of them are Timex Iron Man, but he does have a 2 Back to the Future themed watches. He keeps his watches in a beautiful watch box. It keeps them on display but also protected at the same time.

Jewelry organization can also be hidden for extra protection.

Our jewelry and watches are not expensive and can be easily replaced. We also don't have company very often so we don't worry about leaving them out in plain sight in our bedroom. Many people have either expensive jewelry or jewelry that has sentimental feelings attached to them. Family heirlooms are often in the form of jewelry. Of course, you'd want to protect this type of jewelry at all costs. This is where hidden jewelry organization comes in.

I absolutely love the Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire. It hangs on the wall or the back of your door and looks like a regular mirror. 

jewelry organization

What it really is, is a way to hide your precious jewelry and a jewelry organizer!

jewelry organizer

Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire product details:

  • Easy Hanging Mirror – Hangs over the Door
  • Full-Length Door Mirror
  • Holds over 36 Necklaces!
  • Holds 48 Earrings! (all earrings: hanging, studs, hoops & clip)
  • Holds 96 Rings!! 12 Compartments to hold watches, bracelets, and rings
  • The mirror is shatterproof for your protection.
  • Measures: 14″ x 48″ x 4″

Installation is extremely easy. It will arrive at your home practically assembled. All you need to do is customize and configure it for your own routine and demands. The attached hooks offer a comfortable length to match your height during installation.

I would love to own one of these myself! We have a full-length mirror that is not attached to the wall because it's old and cheap, it constantly falls off the wall. I love that this can be attached to the back of a door if you choose. Since my husband is a minimal list he wouldn't like this mirror/hidden jewelry organizer attached anywhere in our bedroom. I'd install it in my office for when I'm taking a selfie or even a picture of myself when I'm reviewing clothing.

There are also times when I get dressed to go out to work at Starbucks super early in the morning while he is still asleep. (The joys of retirement). This would help me get dressed in the morning and not disturb him. The possibilities are endless really.

What is your favorite jewelry organization trick?

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