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You no longer have to suffer from knee pain thanks to WellWrap. Wellwrap is a knee wrap that offers non-invasive joint-pain treatments at home.knee pain

Chronic pain can be caused by an illness or an injury. No matter what is causing your pain you are constantly looking for a way to relieve the pain. Personally, I have Fibromyalgia which causes widespread pain all over my body. I also have arthritis in every joint. I am in pain every single day of my life, but I don't let it control my life. Some days I'm more productive than others, but I'm always trying to move forward with my goals and dreams.

Not only do I have fibromyalgia and have arthritis, I also live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building with no elevator! Steps are my mortal enemy. Arthritis in my right knee is horrible because it overcompensates for my left ankle that is fused. Since I have so much pain daily, from numerous sources I do not take any pain medication. I try to find alternative ways to help with my pain level. I do this even with my migraines. I have something called a migraine hat that is basically a wearable ice pack.

Now there is a new product coming on the scene for knee pain!

Let me introduce you to the WellWrap for knee pain. The Wellwrap helps with your knee pain but you can still be active and enjoy your life. WellWrap is a wearable orthopedic wrap with embedded NASA-LLLT la-sers that treat musculoskeletal joint pain.

Knee Pain

The new orthopedic KNEE wrap, wellwrap’s first product is the perfect alternative to harmful Opioids that are known to produce morphine-like effects after every use. A supported mobile app enables the consumer to share essential information with caregivers by capturing their pain, drug use, and vitals data such as Blood Pressure & Temperature. And one can buy it for their loved ones and track their vitals on ones’ phone.

knee pain

As someone that suffers from high blood pressure, I love that I can keep an eye on my pressure and reduce my knee pain all with one device. This is a game changer in my life.

How does the WellWrap knee wrap work?

Wellwrap uses Proven LLLT technology that’s currently being used by Doctors and clinics in treating joint pain. They have taken this technology and embedded into an orthopedic wrap and using acupuncture principles provide for the best efficacy.

This technology has been shown by doctors and on tv such as:

Dr. Oz

MLS Laser Therapy in Pain Management

Whats in it for you…  We have negotiated a special discount for you folks – Up to 40% off MSRP so you can get it for just $299.

WellWrap right now is taking sign-ups for this product when it's fully on the market (hopefully next month). It is already approved by the FDA. By signing up early, you can save up to 40% off when it's launched!  Please support their campaign!

What do you think of this product? Can you or someone in your family benefit from it?

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