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Learning does not start or stop at a certain age. We should learn something new every day.

Learning in Children

I've always tried to instill the love of learning in my daughter. I was definitely not the best student and never had the desire to learn about various topics on my own. As a result, there are many things I don't know in this great big universe. Learning does not just mean being book smarts or getting good grades in school. Of course, studying hard with your school work is important and it can help you get into the college of your choice. If your grades are exceptional you can also probably secure a scholarship of some sort to pay for your college education.

Learning is more than just that though. Perhaps you are interested in a topic not covered in school? Maybe you are so interested in a topic covered in school you want to learn even more about it that was discussed? It's easier than ever now to learn about any topic of choice. The library has always been a go-to place to learn about any topic. While this is still true, the internet is also a great resource to learn about a vast variety of topics.

I honestly feel that learning does not always have to “feel” like learning. Think back to when your children are babies. They learn by exploring their world through touch and sight. Unfortunately, they also learn by taste by putting everything in their mouths. It's all still learning about the world around them. There are many toys on the market that not only entertain children, they also teach them. Think about books, blocks, STEM toys for older children etc.

Electronics like tablets, and Ipads, and computers are more popular than ever. There are many different apps that kids can play that teach them while playing. My daughter is 22 now, but I did have a few computer games for her when she was growing up. I feel they did help instill a love of learning in a fun and creative way with her. The trick is to make sure you use them in moderation. They should be just one of many ways to teach, not the only way.

Did you know that there are learning centers that you can take your children to if they need help with things like tutoring, reading, and test prep? I remember when my daughter was growing up. She would know the information required forward and backward when she was talking to you. However when you put a test in front of her, suddenly her brain went blank. She was not a good test taker. A place like the Groza Learning Center could have helped her tremendously.

I mentioned earlier that having good grades can help you get into college. Unfortunately, not all families are in the position to be able to pay for any college a student gets accepted into. Scholarships are a great way to be able to attend your dream college. The Groza Learning Center has a great scholarship going on right now.

How do you instill the love of learning in your child?



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