Are you looking for a personalized gift this holiday season? Light Affection has a personalized nightlight that fits that bill.

light affection

The idea of Light Affection has been around since the 1800th but the challenge was to give it a more contemporary look while maintaining its quality. In addition, Lisa Mann was faced with the technical challenge of developing a process for creating one-of-a-kind personalized pieces. This means that no Molds or Dies would be used in the process and each piece would be individually designed and cut. It took several month and a few prototypes to get to the product and look she was looking for. The final result is the Light Affection presented in this web site.

Light Affection should be your go to place for unique photo gifts.

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Light Affection helped me find the perfect gift for my loved one this holiday season.

A few months ago a very dear woman has left us. A close family friend lost her mother who we all referred to as Grandma. Grandma was loved deeply and is missed by many.

For the purpose of my review I received a personalized nightlight. I used a favorite picture of Grandma. When the light is turned off you can see her picture but it is very visible when the light is turned on.

What I find unique is it feels like the picture is made out of plaster and has a bit of texture to it. I love personalized items and this nightlight definitely fits that bill.

I couldn't wait until the holidays and gave this to my friend already. She teared up instantly and loves it. When she took it home her dad (Grandma's husband) tried to keep it for himself! I will definitely have to purchase one for Pappy.

For a limited time you can save 35% on their personalized lights (they sell more than just the nightlight) use coupon code: 35OFF2016.

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