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Ever come back from the salon and you just feel like a new person? There’s something about grooming that makes us all feel great about ourselves. Whether it's the mixture of looking and feeling good, or that we just had a nice cleanse of some kind, we all love to reset every now and then. One of the things that we all care about as well as our appearance is how attractive we look. It would be foolish to say that both men and women only do up their hair and the way they look just to feel more in their own skin. We want to look good for the opposite sex or whoever it is you’re attracted to. Getting recognition in the looks department makes us feel great also. In fact, it might be better than grooming for oneself. But if you aren’t sure how to go about it and try a new look to re-energize who you are, then go with something that’s always worked. Opposites can be made to attract!making opposites attract

Blonde and brown

The sun-kissed beach look is sometimes not the best option during certain times of the year. However, something that has kept a good following is the sandy blonde style of a makeover. It uses both the brown and blonde colors of the sand and adds a few extra years of youth to your look. So the next time you want to dye your hair, consider a beach blonde instead of a bleach blonde. The color will come alive more in the sun but because it's not as harsh in the color spectrum it won’t look too out of style during the winter months either. Then to bring in a little brown, add some brunette tones to your eyebrows. Consider doing this with some eyebrow makeup for sale that offers you various shades and thickness pencils. Some pencils are lighter in their texture and don’t fill the eyebrows out as much while if you want to go heavier, you have the denser pencils as options too.

Dark and pink

Going along with this making opposites attract in order to attract method, consider bouncing around with darker shades but with a splash of pink. If you have ever wanted to be a brunette but felt like it was too off in the deep end, then here’s a solution. You can balance out your darker and more mysterious shade of hair, with a lipstick that is bubblegum pink. If you would like an even brighter tone then you can go for a barbie pink tone instead. These two make for a great mix as your darker hair does make you slightly more rugged but the pink easily balances the lookout by injecting that feminine touch onto your lips.

Making opposites attract in your look takes a little bit of skill. You have to weigh the options before making the right kinds of choices. But go with the classic beach blonde look with a surprising darker tone of eyebrows instead. The pink lipstick is a great head turner to your new darker look as a brunette which you should now wear in confidence.

Have you ever done anything to change your look either in a subtle way or drastic?

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