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Master Pan takes the place of multiple pans and only takes up one burner on your stove!master pan

Master Pan is a large skillet that can cook multiple food items at only one time. It also only takes up 1 burner on your stove. This is a must have item for everyone. I think this would be great for college students who live in a dorm. They can now cook fresh homemade food easily. It's healthier than the tons of junk food and fast food they typically eat. This is a great way to help battle against the dreaded “Freshman 15”.

Master Pan makes it easier to make my husband's “man” breakfast.

master pan

A couple times a month my husband likes what he calls a “man's breakfast”. It's usually on a Sunday he wants this. This breakfast consists of eggs, sausage or bacon (sometimes both), and toast. It can take a few different pans to do this and making my kitchen a mess. The Master Pan solves all of that. I made my husband's breakfast with just the Master Pan.

Master Pan

The Master Pan made it so much easier to cook breakfast. I only had to man one pan not multiple ones. My kitchen also stayed cleaner which is a plus. Here are some features I love about the pan:

  • The center is the hottest part of the pan.
  • The pan is easy to clean since it has non stick teflon.
  • It can be put in a 350 degree oven for up to 1 hour.
  • Great for portion control. This is a major thing in our household.

Like I mentioned it's great for college students, camping, or large families. The possibilities are endless really. My family only consists of my husband and myself. We can cook large portions to freeze as well.

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