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The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It's where we spend the most time together. There is nothing like cooking, eating, and just spending time together as a family. Having good quality kitchen appliances are a must though.matte black stainless steel

Stainless still appliances are part of my dream kitchen. Right now we live in a very small 2 bedroom apartment. Our kitchen appliances are plain boring white and they also belong to the landlord. My kitchen is so small that my husband and I trip over each other when we are both in the kitchen.

My husband and I love to cook together. We don't have children in the home so it's only us. I work from home and my husband is medically retired so we are home together 24/7 but we don't always spend a lot of time together.

Did you know there is matte black stainless steel?

matte black stainless steel

My dream kitchen would have stainless steel appliances. I love their timeless look as they look so beautiful and elegant. LG has an exclusive matte black stainless steel kitchen appliance line available only at Best Buy. LG’s exclusive Matte Black stainless steel combines the timeless look of stainless steel with a luxe & low-gloss matte finish that compliments any kitchen décor.

One of the drawbacks of stainless steel appliances is that all the fingerprints and smudges show up. I feel the matte black stainless still will help better to hide those smudges. No one wants to walk around constantly cleaning the appliances but no one wants them to look dirty either.

These LG smart kitchen appliances are wi-fi and voice-enabled, allowing you to control your kitchen appliances remotely — from changing settings to checking the status, or turning on or off. These smart appliances make life easier. It's amazing to me how modern technology has come so far that we now have wi-fi capable appliances.

Right now you can save $250 on a stainless steel package or $350 on black matte and black stainless at BestBuy Now is the perfect time to update your kitchen appliances before the busy holiday season starts. Who wouldn't love to do their holiday baking in a brand new oven!?

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