Big Red Rooster sells an adorable Portable Monkey Sound Machine. It's perfect for not only in the nursery but when you are on the go.

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New parents are given a lot of advice but one worth heeding is
never wake a sleeping baby. When baby sleeps through the night or even naps for an hour, hard working parents get some much-needed down time. Of course getting baby to sleep and stay asleep is a whole different topic!

Big Red Rooster, makers of innovative sleep-related products, has this advice … put a monkey in the middle of you and baby! Introducing the portable baby sound machine disguised as a whimsical brown monkey who can literally hang with you wherever you go! Pardon the pun but … parents are going
bananas over this Portable Baby Sound Machine ($14.99).

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This portable monkey sound machine from Big Red Rooster is not only adorable it's functional for adults and children!

I love the Big Red Rooster products. I've previously reviewed two of their projection alarm clocks.

It has always been a struggle to get my 2 year old niece to fall asleep on her own. Someone always has to lay with her until she falls asleep and then do the ninja crawl out of the room. That's not always an easy trick let me tell you!

This portable sound machine is the perfect answer! Not only is it perfect for at home, but on the go. They go camping a lot and do spur of the moment road trips. My friend can easily throw this in the diaper bag or clip it to the stroller.

We love the different sounds to choose from: heartbeat, lullaby, ocean, white noise, rain. M. loves the heartbeat the most. I think this is because she was held so much as an infant due to her medical problems (that thankfully have been fixed) and because she was so loved. She was use to hearing a heartbeat constantly.

I created a video showcasing all the sounds so you know exactly what it sounds like and how it can benefit your little one.

Big Red Rooster is hosting a Facebook contest. The first 100 to Like the post can get the machine for $1 at Amazon. Here’s the post, if you or your readers want to enter to win: Giveaway ends November 15.

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