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Do you come up with a word for the year every year? It's a great way to keep yourself motivated to achieve a goal you want to achieve by the end of the year. It can also be phrase too. MyIntent creates customized jewelry from one word or a short phrase. customized jewelry

Do you have a word or short phrase you live by? Wish you had a piece of jewelry that showcased that word? MyIntent is a company that does just that. The companies motto is “What's your word?”. They have been featured on the Today show and celebrities such as Kayne West.

My husband's nickname is McFly since his first name is Marty (original isn't it?) I chose to have a personalized necklace with McFly on it. Each piece is unique because not only do you pick the word you want, it is handmade.

The emblem with your word is a metal washer. I find this is very unique and well crafted. The chain necklace that came with it is also of high quality. I wear this necklace daily, it makes me feel like I'm close to my husband when he's not with me. I do not notice any discomfort or irritation from wearing this all the time. I never take it off.

You can choose from a necklace, bracelet, or even a keychain. What I love the most is that you can purchase your own maker kit. The kit would be great to use for a small group of friends, or club. You can also create customized jewelry to use as a gift with the maker kit.

I know I would love to have the maker kit to create different words with different meanings. My professional phrase for 2019 is “work smarter not harder”. That's too long to put on the washer, but I could shorten it to “Work Smarter”.

MyIntent customized jewelry is a visual reminder of moving forward in life and it's also a great conversation piece. People stop and ask me all the time what the washer says.

What would your customized jewelry from MyIntent say?

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