Nifti SafeLatch has a new unique technology for attaching your dog's leash. They use magnets!

Nifti SafeLatch

Patented Nifti SafeLatch™ is the first automatic bolt snap pet safety dog leash that requires only one hand to magnetically connect to the metal D-ring on your dog's collar or harness with life-saving benefits for your pet. High-quality robust design for superior strength and performance Nifti SafeLatch™ Pet Safety Leash is an excellent choice for pet parents that expect more.

Protect your pet with our proprietary safe latch system that automatically connects. As the latch gets close, the metal D-ring is automatically lifted by a magnet inside the latch. To release, push down the proprietary thumb shape level and rotate latch away from D-ring to instantly release the magnetic hold.

Nifti SafeLatch is a must have for my hyper dog. 

Krypto is a very hyper 1-year-old puppy. He gets very excited when we go to the wall that has our keys/leash/shoes. He knows that means he's going outside. We are in the middle of training him and he does know the command sit. However, he thinks that means to sit for a second get back up! He hasn't mastered the command “stay”. It can be a challenge sometimes to get his leash attached quickly while he's running around like a maniac, especially with my arthritic hands. This is where the Nifti SafeLatch is a must have dog accessory. 

My husband is 6'2 and I'm 5'5. It was a struggle to find a leash we both can use comfortably given our vast height difference and yet be strong enough to restrain Krypto. My husband and I love this leash because it's strong and well constructed. You can wrap it around your wrist comfortably as well to have more control over your dog when walking. My husband likes to call it “short lead” and “long lead”. When no one is around he lets him have more of a  lead way. When someone or another pet is coming towards us, he can easily and quickly wrap more of the leash around his wrist so Krytpo can't just run ahead. 

This is our favorite leash and we do not use any others now. You can save 25% off now using code GINA25 (must be in all caps, offer for US residents only) What do you love about the Nifti SafeLatch leash?

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Nifti SafeLatch

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