North Pole Kids’ Club has direct orders from Santa Claus to certify as many Junior Elves as possible. For kids that want to stay off the naughty list, enlisting in the North Pole Kids’ Club secures a spot on Santa’s nice list.

North Pole Kids

Santa is especially busy during the holiday season, the North Pole Kids' Club is brought to you by Cooper’s Corner, a magic workshop just outside of Denver, Colorado. We create fun and festive products that promote family togetherness and the spirit of Christmas.

Every Santa’s helper gets an authentic elf hat, enclosed in the kit. It’s so fleece-y soft that kids have been known to wear it to bed! Choose green or pink for your favorite little elf when placing an order. Becoming a certified Santa’s helper comes with cool benefits like an official membership card to the North Pole Kids’ Club.

Children discover they can quickly earn their Elf Certificate, ready for hanging! Inside the kit is an extra special surprise – Santa’s Magic Key tied with a red ribbon! This is the real way he gets inside so many houses on December 24! Kids are told to hang the key on their front door on Christmas Eve and Santa uses it to make his delivery. Afterwards, he often leaves it on the Christmas tree or by the stockings, to be used again next year.

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North Pole Kids Club helps to remind my nieces Santa is watching!

Once Halloween is over my nieces (aged 12 and 4) start to think about Christmas. Oh the joy and innocence of being a child. The elf kit is adorable! We love the hats, the book, the key. We love it all.

I love the official elf certificate that comes with it. My nieces have unique names and it's not often they have things with their name on it.

The magical key is a great way to remind children to behave and that Santa is watching. This is how we are using the key: The key sits on a high shelf in the living room. If Santa can see it (Remember he is always watching) that means you are behaving and should go on his “nice” list. If you are being bad and the key is not visible then Santa knows you should be on the “naughty” list.

The book and activity book are fun and colorful. The storybook makes a great keepsake and book to read year after year. North Pole Kids Club has different ways to spend some great family time this holiday season. If you click on the Free Activities tab  you can do fun things like make Magic Reindeer Food, print coloring pages, and more!

From now until December 5 you can save 20% on their website using the code discount code “BLOG20″. Here is a list of some stores that may be in your local area to purchase this set as well.

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