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It’s important to take care of the environment around us. We have all heard about and probably celebrate Earth Day. While this is great, we need to protect our Earth and resources every single day.

ocean cleanup

Our oceans are often an ignored aspect of protecting our environment. Our oceans get polluted by both nature and pollution. Recycling is a great way to keep trash from our landfills that can be reused again. Our oceans get polluted by storms and flooding. Another way they are polluted is by people throwing trash into the oceans.

I live in Pittsburgh near the 3 rivers. I can not tell you how much pollution and trash are on the river beds. It’s rather sad and depressing, to be honest. Do you ever wish there was something you can do that is actually productive to help clean up our oceans and make a difference? You can now with 4Ocean.

What is 4Ocean?

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4ocean is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time.

4ocean offers bracelets, water bottles and a full cleanup kit you can purchase. Each bracelet and water bottle purchase will remove one pound of trash from the ocean & coastlines. Purchases of the full cleanup kit remove 5 pounds of trash from oceans and coastlines.

The full kit is great because not only does your purchase help ocean cleanup, you have a full kit to clean up your local environment yourself.

What all is included in the full cleanup kit?

  • Cleanup bag made from 100% recycled material (30” x 18”)

ocean cleanup

  • Blue 4ocean 100% cotton T-Shirt in sizes small through 3XL

ocean cleanup

  • Reusable bottle (use it hot or cold!)

ocean cleanup

  • Gloves with 13-gauge nylon liner and nitrile palm coating (S, M, L)

ocean cleanup

  • A snapback hat featuring 4ocean logo

ocean cleanup

We do not live near a beach and we do not a vacation so purchasing a product such as those from 4Ocean is the perfect solution. Everything fits in the bag for travel and would not take up space or weight in your bags if you happen to be taking a vacation to the beach. It also makes a great unique gift for a friend or family member that does live near the beach.

Every month 4Ocean supports a new cause of the month. Currently, their cause is Marine Nurseries. If all rivers lead to the ocean, estuaries are where those waters meet. Estuaries are found in every climate at every latitude, anywhere fresh water meets the ocean…at the end of rivers in coastal plains, much like the Chesapeake Bay; in fjords, for which Norway, Greenland, and New Zealand are known; around sandbars, like the North Carolina Outer Banks, and in tectonic areas like the San Francisco Bay.

Have you heard of 4Ocean before? How do you help protect our oceans and the environment?

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