Have you or a family member ever suffered a severe personal injury? I hope the answer to that question is no. There are some things to remember if you do suffer a personal injury.personal injury

Personal injuries can happen from a variety of different types of accidents. These injuries can be either short-term or have a long-term effect on your life depending on what they are. A lot of times people suffer from depression and self-esteem issues because they are now dependent on someone else for the basic necessities of life.

It can be a long difficult recovery. One important part of your recovery is to be grateful. Sounds crazy, I know but think about it. You can be grateful that you are still alive. A great way to stay grateful and to document your progress as you heal is to keep a journal.

Unfortunately, there are times you need to hire a lawyer when you suffer a personal injury due to an accident. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are looking for the correct type of lawyer. For example, if you are in Florida you can look up personal injury attorneys Tampa.

What should you ask a lawyer about your personal injury case?

We all know the top three questions/issues on our minds when we are severely injured:

  1. Will my medical bills be covered?
  2. How will I live with the loss of work, will I still have a job?
  3. Who will pay for my pain and suffering?

When searching for a personal injury lawyer to help with your case there are certain questions you should ask:

What is your fee?

Different lawyers want to be paid different ways. The most common way is that you don't pay anything out of pocket until you get your settlement. You need to make sure you know ahead of time exactly what percent they will request for payment.

What is your experience with cases like mine?

Everyone wants an expert when they need a professional. This is especially true when it comes to personal injury. I know, I personally would not want to hire someone that hasn't had any experience yet.

Are you the only lawyer that would work on my case, or do you have a team?

Most people don't think to ask this question but it is an important one. It's ok to have a team working for you instead of just one person. You just need to know this ahead of time so you are not shocked if you can't reach the main attorney when you have questions.

How long do you think it will take to resolve my case?

Court cases can take a long time to resolve sometimes. If you are injured and out of work from your injuries, or permanently injured due to your injuries you'll want to know how long it will roughly take to get your life back on track!

Can you provide references from past clients?

In this day and age, we always want a reference when hiring anyone. It's ok to ask for references. Who can better answer what it's like to work with this particular law firm than a past client?

Of course, not everyone lives in Tampa. So a Tampa injury lawyer won't work for you. You can easily search for one online in your area.

Hopefully, you never need a personal injury lawyer, but I hope these tips help you if you do.