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Planners are a great way to stay organized in our busy lives. Personalized planners help you to stay organized with exactly what you are looking for. Purple Trail has a lot of options to create your perfect planner.

personalized planner

Planners are so important to stay on track with a busy lifestyle. This is especially true if you also are running a business of any kind. I am a planner junkie. I love planners and I'm always looking for the perfect planner to keep me organized in both my personal life and blogging life.

A good planner should be customized to what you want and need. Everyone is different and their needs of what they need to be organized with are also different. I recently received a planner that I customized from Purple Trail. Purple Trail planners are totally customizable and offer options I’ve never seen before!

I use a planner to keep schedule my blog posts and need large blocks to write in. My handwriting is big, to begin with, and I use mini post-it notes in various colors to be able to move post ideas around. Purple Trail offers that. The pages are thicker so you can use fun gel pens and it won't bleed through the other side. I get tired of boring ink and love my gel pens but they do bleed through some paper so this is huge for me.

personalized planner

What are the personalized planner options from Purple Trail?

There are many options to make your planner totally personalized. First, you have to pick the size planner you would like, they come in 6×8: and 8.5×11″. I chose the purple ink marble because my favorite color is purple.  The size I chose is 8.5×11″ as well like I said before I write big so I need room to write.

Next, you pick the cover type you would like: Synthetic, Laminate, or Hardcover. I love these options because sometimes the cover gets damaged if you travel with your planner a lot. When the weather is nice, I like to work at Starbucks and my planner needs to be protected in my backpack. After you pick the cover type is time to design your text. You can add any text you want on the color. I just went with something simple “Gina's Planner”.

What makes Purple Trail unique is the how far in advance the calendar goes. Mine goes from November 2018 to October 2020! You can pick when you want the calendar to start. I love that I don't have to buy a new one for the next two years. This makes it very easy to plan stuff ahead of time.

personalized planner

Each planner comes with important dates to remember section for each year. It's listed as birthdays and events by default. It's easy to edit yours after you receive it for any type of events you want. The fun part is picking your add-ons. You have the option of 4 add-ons to your planner. Each add-on is only $3.95. I've never seen a company offer this before. Having the option of add-on's really makes this a fully personalized planner. I'll share with you the add-ons I chose.

Add-on 1 and 2: Notes

personal planner

I chose notes twice because I'm always jotting down notes and love that I can keep them in my planner. After the calendar sections, there is a tab for Notes. The pages are college ruled double sided. Since I chose notes twice, I now have tons of space for any notes I want to take and they are in one place.

Add-on 3: To-Do List

personalized planner

What is a planner without a to-do list right? For me, to-do lists and notes go hand and hand. I'm always thinking of things I have to do or should do. My desk is often covered with scrap paper of notes and ideas of things to do. Now I have a place to keep them organized and easier to find them to accomplish them.

Add-On 4: Bill Tracker

personalized planner

The bill tracker add-on is brilliant. You can use this for personal household bills or bills for your business. Personally, I will be using it to track any/all money from my bank account. There are 12 double sized pages. The calendar is 24 months and so is the bill tracker pages. Perfect!

You also have the option for a sticker pack that costs $7. The stickers are a fun way to decorate the planner and keep you organized even more. I feel this planner would make a great gift for that hard to buy for person in your life. Gift cards are available so it's perfect!

What are your thoughts on the Purple Trail personalized planner? How could this help you in your life?

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