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Is photography an interest of yours? It can be a hobby or it can be part of your business. A good friend of mine is a professional photographer and spends a lot of time working on editing pictures from events she covers such as weddings and

Photography is big business and is pretty much in every market. This is true even if your product/service doesn't have to do with photography itself, you use it for marketing your business. There are some companies that make a living off of providing products from your photos.

Two such companies that come to mind are Photo-to-text and Gifted Custom Art. Those are companies that turn your precious photo into a work of art to decorate your home, or to give as a gift.

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Photography is just one of the many aspects of my job as a blogger.

I have to take pictures of products or events I attend. Having a good camera or at least a good set up does help. You can purchase expensive elaborate lighting and camera or you can learn to use what you have. Personally, I only have my cell phone and a point and shoot camera. I am not a photographer. I did recently purchase a light box tent and light ring that clips to my cell phone. That set up works great for products, but not so much for events.

Hiring a professional photographer such as Summit Shah can help for any big events I might attend though. The help of a professional photographer for a special event is amazing. This is true for any event, either a personal one of if I hired one for a blogging event. The stress of trying to enjoy the event and also get great amazing pictures is a real stress and can be difficult. A professional photographer can snap all of your memories for you while you are busy creating them.

As a blogger, I would know that I'm getting high-quality professional photos to help me with my post. There is nothing worse than low quality, blurry pictures from an event that you can not replace. This would look bad for me, and for the company, I am paid to promote.

You should ask yourself a few key questions before you decide to invest in better equipment or to hire a professional photographer. Here are a few questions but I'm sure there are a lot more. These are simply off the top of my head.

  • How often do you need professional images?

  • Is it more cost efficient to purchase equipment or hire someone?

  • Can you take a course to learn to use what you already own?

  • What is your end goal? Is it for marketing your business or just family photos?

Photography can also just be your hobby. I use to scrapbook and would take pictures of anything and everything. I have actually been thinking about getting back into it as a pure hobby. I don't want to do it for scrapbooking purposes, just to have something fun to do as a hobby.

What is your experience with photography?




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