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We all have family pictures or pictures of our life we love. Putting pictures on canvas turns our memories into high-quality art.Pictures on Canvas

Our home decorating does not really have a style. We love to hang decorations and decor that mean something to use. Printing your photos as high-quality canvas prints is an easy way to do this. We all have family or personal photos from an event or vacation that we love.

Having your personal and family photos printed on high-quality canvas is not only a great decor idea, it's a great conversation starter. Visitors to your home may think that your vacation photos are just a store-bought picture and want to know where you purchased it. You can explain you took that picture on a recent vacation and explain your vacation.

pictures on canvas

Personally, I have pictures two sets of family pictures printed on canvas. One of our dog Krytpo, and one of my husband and myself. Although those are your typical standard family pictures they are still great conversation starters.

For example, I love this picture of my husband and me, we don't have many pictures together. When someone mentions it, we are able to talk about how we love this photo and how it was taken during a weekend we had some old dear friends from out of town in for a weekend. Every picture has a story.

Perhaps they can wonder how we got Krypto to sit still long enough for the photo on canvas of him. Krypto is hyper little thing and sitting still is not one of his strong suits. is a great place to have your family photos put on canvas. There are many sizes to choose from. The two I have are 8″x8″. They are perfect for our living room wall. also offers things like blankets, pillows, photos on acrylic, and photos on aluminum.

Pictures on canvas also make a great one of a kind gift.

Some people are hard to buy for. You can simply turn one of their favorite pictures into a canvas print. We all have various social media accounts and follow our friends. It's easy to surprise someone with a personalized photo on canvas.

pictures on canvas

A dear friend of mine is a wedding photographer. She is also always taking pictures of her children. I noticed she did not have a large print of her youngest child displayed in her home yet like her older 3. I found a beautiful image of her youngest that I know she loved, and had it turned into a large 16″x20″ print. Of course, she loved it! was gracious enough to offer Gina's Library readers a coupon code. Oh how we all enjoy saving money right?

Using the promotion code GINASLIBRARY you will be able to acquire TWO 8’’x8’’ format canvas prints for one price – only 9 USD (meaning: you buy one 8’’x8’’ for 9 USD and get the other one (8’’x8’’ format canvas print) completely for free).

In order to activate the discount, visit their website:, upload their desired photos and select 8’’x8’’ format canvas prints. As soon as both images are successfully uploaded, they simply need to enter the name GINASLIBRARY in the coupon code section and then their discount will apply.

What family photo are you going to have printed?

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