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We are all busy in our lives and there is so much to do. Do you remember to take time to help others? More importantly, do you remember to make time for self care? Taking care of yourself properly allows you to take care of others the best way you can.

To do lists help to get my thoughts out of what I want to accomplish in a day but that doesn’t really help the internet dialog in my head. I’m constantly thinking of the other things I need to do, should do. Personally, I have my business to run and take care of the health of both my husband and me. I’m the one in charge of keeping up with doctors’ appointments and our medications. This can be very overwhelming at times. How do you handle all of the chaos and internal conversations in your brain?

Self care is something that is very important for each and every person.

Unfortunately, many of us to take care of ourselves properly, myself included. Self care can be something simple taking yourself out to lunch, reading a book, closing yourself off in a room of the house alone just to decompress. Journaling is also a form of mental self care.

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Journals are great for private thoughts, to get out all of the emotions one can go through in a day. Diaries and journals are a great way to brain dump everything in your head. Unfortunately, they don’t help to categorize them or help you be thankful for what you have in your life. For example, I can write that I’m overwhelmed and frustrated by all of our doctors’ appointments and medications. Which is true sometimes. However, I don’t stop to be thankful for things like health insurance, modern medicine to make treatments/medication to take care of and treat our various medical conditions.

self careThe Calm the Chaos journal is the perfect tool to help you find peace in your day to day life. The is not the type of journal I mentioned earlier that is a brain dump type. Instead, there is a page for Today and a page for Tomorrow. The prompts are the same for every day throughout the journal.

The section of Today is all about taking about self care.

self care

Did you get enough sleep?
Sleep is VERY important for your overall wellbeing. Taking a nap and decompressing is a simple way to do some simple self-care.

We all know it’s important to exercise every day. Exercise does not always mean going to the gym unless that is your thing. Simply taking the dog for a walk is a form of exercise. It’s just the act of getting your body moving.

The act of kindness:
What did you do today that helped someone else? It can be simple like holding the door open for someone. Recently when at the store, an elderly woman was short $1 on her total. My husband without thinking simply handed it to her. It’s all about doing something to make another person’s life just a little bit better.

There is also a section for laughter and gratitude. No matter how bad of a day you had, there is something to both be grateful for and that made you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Let’s not forget about the section for self care Tomorrow:

self care

This section is super simple but beneficial. This is more of a guided self-help brain dumping.

What is your intention for the day? Do you have a big goal in mind? Write about it there.

You can also write down your top to do list. We all have a to-do list. Writing it out helps and it’s gratifying to cross something off the list.

There is a section for any other thoughts you have.

The concept is so simple but it’s great for your self care. Stress is never good for anyone. Organizing your thoughts and your day makes your day go easier and you feel less stressed.

How do you organize your thoughts and to do list? How would the Calm the Chaos journal help you?

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