cards2I recently took part in the Hallmark Get Carded Challenge. The challenge is very easy. You simply send 7 cards to 7 people in 7 days. 

The cards I received was a variety of occasions and beautiful. Hallmark has always made beautiful high quality cards, so I wasn't surprised.  What I was surprised about is, I even received envelops and stamps to mail the cards. I only had to fill them out and address them. 

Here is some information about the Get Carded Challenge: 

No matter how much we rely upon technology to keep in touch with our friends and family, few things compare with the feeling of receiving an unexpected card and handwritten note in the mail. It doesn't have to be a message in the bottle or lengthy love letter – it can be a simple “hello,” “I miss you” or “remember when…” What matters is you – the giver of a surprise delivery!
Over the years, customers have shared with us how good it feels to give and receive handwritten cards. That's why Hallmark is excited to bring back the Get Carded Challenge – a fun challenge designed to help you connect and reconnect with loved ones, whether it's a friend, old college roommate, neighbor, colleague, parent, sibling, significant other or your children.

Would you like to join the challenge? Go to their website and fill out the form.

The Hallmark company is not only a company with amazing cards and gifts, but they are very generous. For my blog readers they are offering a discount code to use through out the year for your card buying needs. The code is: BLOG30 to buy cards for 30 percent off on throughout the year.

Oh but that's not all! I was also able to hold a sweepstakes on my blog for a surprise pack of Hallmark cards! I told you this company is amazing. 

I give this product a rating of 


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