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Big Lather offers a sponge for bars of soap. Gina's Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review.

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We all are trying to save money and we know how costly liquid body wash can be. It's also very easy to over use the body wash. You no longer have to worry about that with Big Lather.

We all love to use sponges that look like these for our liquid soap. Why not use one that's to be used with a bar of soap? The sponge will pay for itself in no time. You can save up to $100 a year just by switching to bar soap.

Not only can you save money, you can avoid mold. It only take 8 days for mold to start to build on other products. I know, gross right? 

I was very excited to receive my Big Lather sponge. I spend the summers in my campground. To take a shower I have to go up to the shower house. The less I have to lug up there the better. Also, since the shower is a community shower I love that I can use the drying hook and not have my sponge touch the walls of the shower. 

It is so much cheaper to buy a bar of soap than it is a bottle of liquid body wash. Each family member can use the bar of soap of their choice now. I know in my family we all prefer a different brand.

There are 3 different ways to order a Big Lather of your own. You can purchase:

1 big lather for $5 

2 big lathers for $10 or

5 big lathers and get one free for $25. 

They are very easy to use. Here are the simple directions:

  1. tear & remove card
  2. insert rectangular soap bar
  3. slide black cord adjuster toward soap
  4. wet & massage to make big lather!
  5. rinse & hang to dry between uses

As your soap shrinks, slide black cord adjuster toward soap to keep it secure.

Be sure to buy yours today. You won't go back to liquid soap. 

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